4Vu™ 4-Way Privacy Screen for Dell Latitude™ 5289

The Clear Choice to Protect Your Visual Privacy
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The Targus 4Vu™ 4-Way Privacy Screen reduces the viewing angle on your Dell Latitude™ 5289 screen, safeguarding data from prying eyes.

  • Privacy screen works in landscape or portrait views
  • Protects private information with constrained viewing angles to 30°
  • Filters blue light, minimizing eye strain
  • Blocks screen glare for a comfortable viewing experience
  • Over 12% brighter than competitive solutions for greater clarity and visibility
  • Glossy or matte sides to suit your viewing preferences
  • Reusable silicon adhesive strips for quick and easy installation
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Regular price $99.99

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Whether you’ve got a co-worker that’s too close for comfort, a workstation located in a busy area, or often work in public places like cafes or airports, you’re probably concerned about visual privacy and guarding the information on the screen of your Dell Latitude™ 5289. There’s a simple yet effective solution: the Targus 4Vu™ 4-Way Privacy Screen.

Designed to attach to your Dell Latitude™ 5289’s display and shield your data from casual viewers, the 4Vu 4-Way Privacy Screen offers an opaque view of your screen to anyone not directly in front of your display or closer than 30°. You can view, read, or type with confidence, even in a crowded room.

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