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Too much screen time can lead to increased exposure to blue light, digital eye strain, and physical discomfort. Help protect your eyes and your screen with the Targus® Antimicrobial Blue Light Filter Screen Protector for 14” Laptop Screens. Designed to reduce 45% of harmful blue light while safeguarding your device screen from scratches and fingerprints, the protector also helps reduce glare whether you’re working under bright lights or outdoors. Viewing clarity, overall brightness, and touch-sensitivity are not affected.

Ideal for your work-from-home setup or any space where privacy is already secure, this protector offers a 180° viewing angle for full visibility from the left, right, top, or bottom. Highly portable and easy to use, it can be attached in two different ways by using the included adhesive strips and corners.

For an added benefit, this screen protector features Targus DefenseGuard™ Antimicrobial Protection, which creates a cleaner touchpoint surface and works continuously to prevent the growth of microorganisms. Unlike topically applied sprays, DefenseGuard screen protectors are treated with an antimicrobial additive that does not wear off and lasts for the life of the product.

**Antimicrobial protection is limited to the blue light filter itself.

Blue Light Filtering

Blue Light Filtering

Studies suggest that prolonged exposure to blue light — emitted by virtually every digital device we own — may be linked to eye strain and fatigue, headaches, retina damage, and other health concerns. The Targus® Antimicrobial Blue Light Filter Screen Protector helps reduce eye strain and can minimize potentially harmful effects on your vision.

180° Viewing Angle

With full screen viewing angles, you will have full clarity and visibility from any direction.

180° Viewing Angle
Antimicrobial Properties

Antimicrobial Properties

Ideal for touchscreen applications, the Antimicrobial Blue Light Filter Screen Protector features Targus DefenseGuard™ Antimicrobial Protection to help prevent bacteria growth on the filter screen.

Reduced Glare, Even in Bright Rooms

Our anti-reflective coating reduces glare and improves light transmittance under most viewing conditions. The result is brighter, crisp colors for comfortable, clear views.

Reduced Glare, Even in Bright Rooms
Easy Installation Options

Easy Installation Options

The Blue Light Filter Screen Protector comes with reusable silicon adhesive strips and corner strips so you can quickly and easily attach it to your display in two convenient ways.

  • Adhesive strips: Stick on to the LCD screen for a firm, fixed hold
  • Adhesive corner strips: Stick on to the corners of the LCD screen for a firm, fixed hold
  • Works With
    14” Screens
  • Screen Size
  • Dimensions
    12.19'' x 6.87'' x 0.02''
  • Weight
    0.36 lb
  • Warranty
    Limited 2-Year Warranty
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