DEFCON™ Compact Serialized Combo Cable Lock - 25 Pack | Targus
For business

Secure and protect your organization’s Kensington® Nano®-compatible laptops with these 25 Targus DEFCON™ Compact Serialized Combo Cable Locks - an ideal choice for the office, school, hotels, or other high-risk areas. The easy-to-use design includes a cut-proof and rust-resistant 6.5-foot galvanized steel cable with pass-through loop and rotating lock head. Nearly impossible to destruct. Any attempt to remove it will noticeably damage the device – a further deterrent to thieves. Each lock is assigned a unique combination and serial number, delivering freedom from key-carrying. Lose your combination code? No problem. Your IT Manager has access to all combinations via a secure password-protected web site. Ships with 25 locks.

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