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Turn your USB-C capable smartphone* into the computational powerhouse it was designed to be with this phone dock. All you have to do is connect your USB-C DP Alt Mode-capable phone into the dock.. From there, use an HDMI cord to extend the display to a television or monitor, plug in key peripherals like a mouse and keyboard, an Ethernet cable, and an SD card, and you’ll have the equivalent of a full desktop computer running directly off your phone!

With Samsung DeX®, you can get a fully optimized desktop experience. You can also simultaneously charge your phone through the extra USB-C port in the dock.

Compact, lightweight, and versatile, this phone dock can be easily moved between home, offices, or the conference room. It can even adjust viewing angles to make sure your video conferencing is perfect.

*Requires DP-Alt Mode phone
*Monitor will automatically duplicate the phone screen. To extend the monitor, a Samsung DeX® smartphone
(Samsung Galaxy® S10, Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy Note10, Samsung Galaxy Note20) is required. Set output video for the HDMI port in DeX® mode.
** Requires compatible PD3.0 Smartphone. USB-C PD power adapter is not included. User can use the USB-C power adapter supplied by the smartphone purchase.
Other USB-C power adapters must reach at least 25W.

Connect and Charge

Connect and Charge

Plug in a mouse, keyboard, and monitor to have a full-fledged desktop anywhere you work. Or, simply connect to a television to watch your movies and play games on a larger screen. With the extra USB-C port, you can keep your phone charged up the entire time.

Compact and Lightweight

Designed to be your phone’s portable companion, the Universal USB-C Phone Dock can travel easily between home and the office. Plus, it takes up very little surface room, so you can easily find space for it wherever you go. Having a desktop just got way easier.

Expand your phone’s capability with Targus.

Compact and Lightweight
  • Works With
    Compatible with most USB-C DP Alt Mode phones/hosts including Samsung Galaxy® S10/S20/Note 10/Note 20
  • Color
  • Dimensions
    4.25 x 4.25 x 0.88 in
  • Weight
    0.64 lbs.
  • Warranty
    Limited 2-Year Warranty
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