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The VersaType™ for iPad Pro® 12.9-inch 6th Gen, 5th Gen (2021), 4th Gen (2020) and 3rd Gen (2018)** adds functionality and protection for your iPad―while adding little in terms of bulk or weight.

The hard-shell iPad keyboard case offers considerable scratch and impact protection when closed, and opens up a world of productivity. The keyboard is designed to provide a great typing experience. Enjoy a laptop-like experience with a full QWERTY layout and integrated trackpad that features trackpad gestures.

This iPad case with stylus holder seamlessly transitions from closed, protective mode, to open laptop mode, to presentation mode to flat, hidden keyboard tablet mode. The specially engineered hinge rotates 360° and pivots 130° to achieve virtually any viewing angle desired. When the case is closed in protective mode, it puts the device to sleep and allows access to all ports, including the USB-C port.

With up to 180 hours of battery life and backlit keys for easy viewing in the dark, it’s the ultimate keyboard iPad cover with stylus holder to take with you anywhere.

*Estimated 180-hour battery life occurs when backlit keys are off.

**VersaType™ for iPad Pro® 12.9-inch is not compatible with iPad Air.

Serious Protection, Case Closed

Serious Protection, Case Closed

The VersaType™ hard shell keyboard case is scratch-resistant and fits your device like a glove. When closed this iPad Pro 12.9-inch keyboard case puts the device to sleep and forms a scratch-resistant, protective shell. In protection mode, access to all ports is still available, allowing your device to be charged in the case while in sleep mode. Soft, rubber stoppers keep the keyboard from coming into contact with the iPad screen.

Open for Business

Open it up, adjust the screen angle, and start typing. From the layout of the keyboard folio to the responsiveness of the keys, to the short cut “hotkeys,” the typing experience is so intuitive and seamless you’ll forget you’re working on a tablet. It even has a trackpad that supports combo touch trackpad gestures so you can easily navigate and perform key actions – like zoom or split screen – with your fingertips.

Open for Business
Light it Up

Light it Up

Working in the dark or a low-lit environment? The VersaType iPad Pro 12.9 keyboard case offers adjustable backlight settings with pulsating and rotating color schemes and 3 brightness levels – so you can work comfortably wherever you are.

Pivot to Present or Watch

Pivot the screen around and away from the keyboard for presentations or to watch movies. The screen can then be rotated to the desired viewing angle. This versatile presentation mode allows the screen to pivot a full 360°, stopping anywhere in the circle. The iPad case is properly weighted and balanced allowing virtually any viewing angle.

Pivot to Present or Watch
Keep it Charged

Keep it Charged

With up to 180 hours of use when fully charged, this keyboard case is sure to keep you productive for the long run.* The keyboard can be easily charged via a USB-C port(charger included) – and or draw from the charge of the iPad Pro®. It can even charge your stylus via its integrated Apple Pencil holder. This is one iPad keyboard cover that can do it all!

*Shorter battery life may be experienced with keyboard backlighting brightness level turned to maximum.

  • Works With
    iPad Pro® (6th, 5th, 4th, and 3rd gen.) 12.9-inch
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  • Dimensions
    11.25'' x 9.28'' x 0.85''
  • Weight
    2.00 lbs
  • Warranty
    Limited 2-Year Warranty
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