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CES 2020 Innovation Award for Targus's IoT-Enabled Docking Solution

November 07, 19 - Posted in: Business
CES 2020 Innovation Award for Targus's IoT-Enabled Docking Solution

Anaheim, CA – November 7, 2019 – Targus, the industry leader that introduced the first universal dual-video docking station, announced today that it has won a 2020 CES Innovation Award in the Computer Peripherals category for its revolutionary IoT-connected dock, MiraLogic™ Workspace Intelligence System. Revealed today at CES Unveiled in NY, this award-winning product will be on display at the CES Innovation Awards Showcase during CES 2020 in Las Vegas, starting with CES Unveiled on Sunday, January 5 and fully demonstrated at its booth (LVCC, South Hall, Booth #31147).

MiraLogic takes universal docking to a new level by incorporating smart technology into its solution. Blending enterprise-grade hardware (Smart USB-C Dock, Smart Power Strip, Smart Sensor, and Desktop Power Strip) with cloud-based software to deliver meaningful insights into the workspace,  MiraLogic gives companies the ability to better understand how their workspaces are being utilized, allowing them to make better decisions of the space needed for an effective workforce. The first-of-its-kind solution provides IT managers the power to measure, analyze and control overall energy consumption by seeing how much power is being used at a desk, department or floor level, improving the overall energy efficiency of the office. For IT professionals, MiraLogic also allows for remote access to the workspace for diagnostics offering them a more efficient role in solving technical solutions across the organization.

“MiraLogic is a huge step in making our workplaces more intelligent and efficient,” said Ron DeCamp, vice president of global product management and development. “This solution gives businesses a clear view into how their workspaces are being utilized, allowing them to make informed operational decisions about how much office space is actually required, and ways to reduce unnecessary energy consumption when workspaces are not in use. Our solution also aids IT in decreasing the time spent on support by allowing remote control and management of the workspace, ultimately saving IT teams time, money and lost productivity.”

Targus Miralogic Docking Station Components

MiraLogic Main Benefits:

Workspace Utilization & Provisioning

Understand how individual workstations are performing. MiraLogic monitors and captures real-time and historical data of what’s happening at the desk level – providing you actionable insights into occupancy, performance, and efficiency

Remote Control & Diagnostics of the Workspace 

Real-time data quickly alerts IT about equipment issues before there's a problem— saving time, money, and lost productivity. IT administrators can now remotely manage the workspace with the ability to perform power cycle resets and firmware updates to the Universal Smart Dock.

Automated Asset Management 

MiraLogic automatically discovers and inventories computer peripherals connected to the universal Smart Dock. 

Measures & Track Energy Consumption

Are there devices in your workspaces unnecessarily powered through the night? Across your enterprise? How much is that costing you? MiraLogic answers these questions so you can optimize energy consumption at each desk and improve the bottom line.

To receive a demonstration of Targus' MiraLogic Workspace Intelligence System and a sneak peek of its new products at CES 2020, please contact targusus@hotwireglobal.com.

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