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3 Reasons You Need Antimicrobial Tech Accessories

Make sure your tech has antimicrobial protection in addition to physical protection. Learn why antimicrobial tech accessories are so important to use.

DisplayLink Releases v.10.1M1 for Windows

DisplayLink updates announced for v.10.1M1 for Windows is now available. Access the full release notes here.

Intel Graphics Driver Issue

An urgent announcement from our Docking Station Experts regarding the 

Intel Graphics Driver Issue.

Targus Validates DisplayLink 10.1M0 Software & Drivers Update

The 10.1M0 release is available from Targus Driver Support and should be available from Windows Update soon after this post. Get more details in this Tech Talk Article.

Best Targus Docking Stations for Microsoft Surface™

Finding the right Targus docking station for your Microsoft Surface depends on the purpose you are using your device for. Luckily for you, almost any Targus dock can be used with any W10 Surface. Let the Targus DocKtors educate you in the latest Tech Talk.

Targus Validates DisplayLink Manager Release 1.3 for Big Sur, Catalina, and M1 MacBooks

Targus Validates DisplayLink Manager Release 1.3 for Big Sur, Catalina, and M1 MacBooks. The release is available in this Tech Talk article.

How to Become a Professional Minimalist

A minimalist workspace is essential if you wish to stay focused and organized. Use these tips to help you get started and shop Targus for your minimalist needs!

Four 4K UHD Display Monitors with a Chromebook

Targus experts recommend how to render four 4K UHD monitors from a Chromebook™ at 60Hz from a single Targus universal docking station. Learn how you can do it today.

USB-C Dock: Don’t Brick My MacBook®!

PSA: We recommend that MacBooks are immediately updated to macOS™ Big Sur 11.2.2. Get your update in this Tech Talk article.
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