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Four 4K UHD Display Monitors with a Chromebook

Targus experts recommend how to render four 4K UHD monitors from a Chromebook™ at 60Hz from a single Targus universal docking station. Learn how you can do it today.

USB-C Dock: Don’t Brick My MacBook®!

PSA: We recommend that MacBooks are immediately updated to macOS™ Big Sur 11.2.2. Get your update in this Tech Talk article.

Targus DOCK423 Compatibility Application Note

This Tech Talk blog explains how this application note documents the platform-dependent features and performance supported by the Targus DOCK423 Dual HDMI 4K Docking Station with 100W Power Delivery Pass-Thru.

Lenovo ThinkPad BIOS Workaround for Windows Power Settings

Targus customers are finding that their Lenovo PC will go to sleep even when their Windows settings were modified for their ThinkPad not to sleep. Read this Targus article on the workaround we found to circumvent this issue.

DeX on Docks Application Note

This application note explains expectations for DeX functionality on Targus docking stations, so users can choose the best fit for their DeX whether they are work-from-home, back to school, or any other remote work application.

Unveiling Future-Focused Targus Innovations at CES 2021

Already missing CES 2021 or didn’t attend this year? Check out Targus’ CES 2021 recap of some of the most memorable moments.  

Best Laptop Bags for Kicking Off 2021

If you’re ramping up to go back to work in 2021, take care of your back and your devices when you explore our curated selection of the most versatile backpacks and laptop bags for traveling. See our 2021 recommendations now.

Targus Releases MAC Address Clone Utility Version 1.0.5 for macOS

This release Version 1.0.5 is the first release supporting M1 based MacBooks and Big Sur. Learn More with our latest Tech Talk Blog.

Using a Targus Docking Station with HP Thin Pro and Remote Desktop Connections AN

Wondering if you could use Targus docking stations with portable Thin Clients?
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