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Martin Dodd: The Charismatic and Steady Sales Director of Targus

The man who has been through the journey of a small company that turned into a global enterprise.    

Qualcomm Snapdragon PC Peripherals

Information on Qualcomm  Snapdragon PC Peripherals.

A Note About CAD/CAM

Information about CAD/CAM.

Catalina Beta with Targus Universal Docks

Thee DocKtor is trying out Catalina Beta with Targus Docking Stations.  Everything works as expected. 

Uncover The Unique Details That Go Into Creating Industry Best Tablet Cases

Tablet cases may seem like a simple product that you purchase for your mobile device. Targus tablet cases are unique and designed with protection, style, and convenience in mind. Learn more about the process of providing the best tablet cases.

The Tech Dad’s Gift Guide

Give your dad the recognition he deserves this Father's Day. This guide will help you select the top tech gifts that will help express your thanks.

Selecting Targus Universal Docking Station Audio on Chromebooks

Steps on how to select Targus Universal Docking Stations Audio on a Chromebook.

DisplayLink and macOS Security

Information about Displaylink and macOS security.
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