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What Does a Docking Station Have to Do with AI?

June 28, 24
What Does a Docking Station Have to Do with AI?

During our recent Targus Tech Talk webinar, we explored a hot topic for today’s IT enterprise decision-makers, artificial intelligence (AI), and how AI computing impacts docking stations.  

During the webinar, our resident Targus DocKtor, Kevin Quinn, Senior Director, Engineering, delved into the next generation of docking stations and why choosing the right docking stations is important for supporting the hardware requirements and workflow efficiency or modern mobile computing around AI. 

Tune into this webinar on-demand to see what you missed and read on for more of the highlights from the session. 

What is an AI PC in the first place? 

In a nutshell, an AI PC has a Central Processing Unit (CPU), a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), and a Neural Processing Unit (NPU), each with specific AI acceleration capabilities. The NPU is the new processor that drives the AI workload. 
Why are AI-compatible docking stations important? 

Docking stations play a critical role in supporting the hardware requirements and workflow efficiency for modern mobile computing to be able to leverage advanced computing resources, manage large datasets, and maintain a productive working environment. In doing so, they enable seamless workflow integration, improved data management, and more peripheral connectivity. Docking stations also benefit data scientists by offering more flexibility and mobility, improved power management, and enhanced computing power.  

Why Targus docking stations for AI PCs 
Targus docking stations have been rigorously tested to work with the latest AI chipsets like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite. For instance, our latest USB4 Triple Video Docking Station with 100W Power (DOCK460) is the dock recommended dock for Snapdragon-based AI PCs. The DOCK460 is compatible with Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4, and other USB-C Alternative Mode hosts. 

Smart docks and AI 

Targus MiraLogic® Workspace Intelligence System enables Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) capabilities for devices, docks, and peripherals in a set of workspaces. This allows IT teams across an enterprise to efficiently analyze, control, and manage their workspace assets anywhere to increase employee productivity, reduce costs, and improve sustainability. The MiraLogic DOCK810 becomes an endpoint for AI and serves as the eyes and ears for AI by collecting data to assess health of work desks and prepare maintenance plans to increase uptime.  

Smarter docks on the horizon 

Find out what’s next in docking stations when considering the right enterprise docking solution for AI PCs, from USB Hubs and ID Downstream devices to smart graphics solutions and security-first solutions for port replication and expansion. 

Don’t miss out on these valuable insights as you navigate the next evolution of PCs. Watch the on-demand and get in touch with us to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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