Six OS, One Targus Docking Station!
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Six OS, One Targus Docking Station!

September 23, 22 - Posted in: 2022, Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Six OS, One Targus Docking Station!

Create The Ultimate Multitasking Workstation Setup With A Targus Docking Station

This picture shows one Targus DOCK570 being used to render to four external extended monitors, utilizing one PC, one Chromebook (not shown), and one phone to run six different desktops (each with a couple of applications running):

  1. *Windows 11 Build 22000.978
  2. Ubuntu 22.04 Virtual Machine
  3. Windows 10 Build 19044 Virtual Machine
  4. Android 12
  5. Chrome 105 Remote Desktop
  6. Samsung DeX

*We are pretty sure that a similar setup could be used with a MacBook, even M1/M2 based MacBooks, in place of the PC.

The DOCK570 supports using an Ethernet connection and USB peripherals for all of the platforms shown in the example. It also has the capability to power and charge the Samsung PC, Chromebook, and phone all at once.

This example highlights the extreme of how a single Targus Truly Universal Docking Station can be used for several host platforms and virtual machines. 

With this type of setup, a computer scientist or software engineer could develop and run applications in several environments.  They can charge and use their phone and its applications even to make a call or send a text.  They can even charge and maintain many peripheral devices.


Several Targus Docking Station models can be used with just about any platform or brand, and not just for video, Ethernet, and USB, but also for power and charging.

The DOCK570 supports Power Delivery over USB-C or legacy (barrel) power using tips for various host devices.  In fact, it is also possible to utilize a pair of Targus docking stations to accomplish a similar setup.  

The DOCK182 recommended for at least one of them.


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