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Will Work Bars Serve?

June 08, 16 - Posted in: Tech Talk
Will Work Bars Serve?

From time to time most of us, dare I say all of us, have plopped down $5 or so for a Java at the local coffee shop (read Starbucks) so we can use their facilities to get some work done. Indeed, Starbucks showed the world that Americans are interested in working remotely, or even just checking our Facebook pages, that is, staying connected and providing access to the web promotes commerce within the store.Other eateries have now caught on and now supply public access to the web as a way of getting us in, and keeping us in, and keeping us buying their goods. All of this has caught the attention of the companies that previously supplied infrastructure and or SMB technology.These companies are now developing what is commonly being called "Work Bars" or "Co-Working Spaces".

The concept here is to provide a pay by the hour or service as opposed to feeling guilty if you are not plopping down $5 for a coffee. In addition, these facilities will be a little more focused on providing a remote workspace, including meeting rooms, etc.The question is, will these Co-Working Spaces start to have a Starbucks in them?

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