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Monitors Galore

The DocKtor often gets asked for ideas on how to connect more than three monitors (in addition to the one native to the PC and two native to the dock). 

2.4GHz ISM Band RF Interference from USB 3.0

The good news is that the DocKtor hasn't heard of too many instances lately where RF devices (wireless mice and keyboards, headsets, etc.) fail to function consistently when coupled with workstations using USB3.0 devices i.e. Targus Universal Docking Stations.

Universal Docks Are USB Devices

When I first started using a universal dock even I, the DocKtor, had trouble getting my head around the difference between using an old-fangled snap-in proprietary dock (sometimes called a "port replicator" - example below) and using a "universal dock".

Slow Docking? Check the Device Installation Settings.

Activity Based Working (ABW) or "Hotelling" has highlighted a Windows setting that delays the connection of USB devices while drivers are downloaded from the Microsoft Windows Update Server.

MTU Size Matters

A customer found that some of their remote users were having problems logging onto internal web sites over VPN when using the Targus Universal Docking Station's GbE port. 

VLI812 USB Hub Firmware Update

Applicable to Targus Universal Docking Station ACP71 Item 61 and greater only or ACP076 ONLY! 

Power Tip Tips for Targus ACP71 Docking Stations

Power Tip Tips for Targus ACP71 Docking Stations

How to Build an Enterprise Class Workstation with a $249 PC

By The Targus DocKtor The Dell Venue™ 8 Pro is $249. Indeed, this little PC and it is a real PC-runs Windows®8.1 Pro, not Windows RT™, or like an iPad®, or like a Chromebook™. 

White Paper: Display Interfaces 101 – The past, present and future of display standards

In all things electronic, ongoing innovation delivers the welcome benefits of continual improvement.

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