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Best Tech Gifts for Kids

December 14, 21 - Posted in: Lifestyle
Best Tech Gifts for Kids

The holiday season is coming up, which means one important thing: holiday shopping. That could mean scouring the internet and stores for cool gadgets for kids this year — or, alternatively, just use this list. Keep reading below to discover the best tech gifts for kids this holiday season!

15.6” Invoke™ Compact Plus Backpack

Invoke Bag Collection by Targus

The Invoke™ Compact Plus Backpack is the ideal backpack for kids who need to carry their laptop and other tech with them to school, after-school activities, and friends’ houses. This backpack has dedicated padded compartments to ensure everything valuable stays stable and safe. It also has plenty of space to fit everything in, and an added front pocket for carrying a water bottle or phone. Plus, it’s slim and lightweight, comes in three colors, and is made from smooth heathered material that resists fading, stains, and moisture. This is the durable, cool-looking backpack that will make for one of the best tech gifts for kids.

13"-14” Arts Edition Sleeve – Herringbone

Arts Edition Blue and Red Laptop Sleeves

The Herringbone Arts Edition Sleeve offers crucial laptop protection that looks as amazing as it is valuable. Whether it’s used on its own or inside another laptop bag, it will keep laptops safe with foam interior lining that prevents scuffs and scratches. It also has a front zippered pocket for other key accessories like a wireless phone charger. Not to mention how great it looks, with color options in red or blue. This is the cool gadget accessory for kids that will be sure to impress.

Kids Antimicrobial Case for iPad (9th, 8th, 7th Gen) 10.2-inch, iPad Air and iPad Pro 10.5-inch

Kids Antimicrobial Pink and Blue iPad Case

Looking for the best tech gift for younger kids? This antimicrobial iPad case that will guard your little one’s tablet from drops and germs. With military-grade drop protection, this case is designed to withstand drops up to 4 feet, so you can rest easy that your kid won’t be damaging their iPad. Built-in antimicrobial technology prevents the growth of microorganisms so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the case. It will stay clean pretty much on its own. And don’t worry: the case is made from entirely non-toxic, kid-friendly EVA foam material.

Pro-Tek™ Antimicrobial Case for iPad® (9th, 8th, and 7th gen.) 10.2-inch

Antimicrobial iPad Case in BlueFor older kids who want a more mature feeling iPad case, you can’t go wrong with the Pro-Tek™ Antimicrobial Case. This is one of the best tech gifts for kids for many of the same reasons the previous case was. It features military-grade drop protection to keep iPads safe up to 4 feet. It’s made from antimicrobial materials to prevent microorganism growth. An added bonus of this case is that it features a stand to set an iPad up horizontally, perfect for watching movies or YouTube videos. All of this makes it a very cool gadget for kids this holiday season.

15-inch Newport Backpack (Tan)

Newport Backpack in Tan

For something more luxurious, this Newport Backpack in Tan is an excellent contender for the best tech gift for kids. With a dedicated compartment for a laptop or tablet, as well as a secondary compartment for larger accessories, kids will be able to fit in everything they need to. Material-wise, the bag is constructed from high-density water-repellent twill nylon and leatherette accents for a durable outer layer with a luxurious sheen. Kids will wow the rest of their class and keep their gadgets safe with this bag!

Many Other Choices

Above are some of our picks for best tech gifts for kids, but there are plenty of other options around Targus for you to check out. Explore the many accessories we offer and find the perfect gift for the kids in your life this holiday season!

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