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Enterprise Software Utilities Suite for Targus Docking Stations

January 06, 21 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Enterprise Software Utilities Suite for Targus Docking Stations

Targus provides many free utilities to aid in the deployment of Targus docking stations; this includes the new Targus Easy Script Generator (TESG) for deployments via SCCM.  The stand-alone utilities are Targus MAC Address Clone (TMAC), Wireless Auto Switch (TWAS), A/V Configuration (TAVC), and Ghost Device Removal (TGDR).

These utilities have always been available on the associated docking stations’ product pages, but we created a single page containing a short description for each utility so you can bookmark and access quickly when needed. See all Software Utilities.

From here IT decision makers can see a brief description of each of the utilities and use the provided links to learn more and download them.

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