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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Travel Backpacks for the Avid Globetrotter

September 20, 23
The Ultimate Guide to the Best Travel Backpacks for the Avid Globetrotter

Your tickets are purchased. Your hotel is booked. Your trip is all planned out. Next on your travel packing list should be deciding which travel laptop backpack is going to come along for the ride.

As you judge the best laptop backpacks for travel, be sure to consider various backpack sizes for travel. Your pack should fit all of the gear you're sure to need on your trip. And that includes more than just your laptop! After all, how to pack a backpack for travel is as much about the backpack as it is about the gear.

In this article, we'll explore the best laptop travel backpack options for every kind of jetsetter. From traditional designs to unique functionality, these backpacks handle tech protection with style. Read on to find the perfect backpack for you.

The 9-to-5er

If you're going to be traveling largely for work, you need a backpack designed for packing light. Consider a travel backpack that is designed for corporate travelers and commuters.

This includes the 15.6" Corporate Traveler Backpack, which is, as its name suggests, perfect for regular business travelers. It offers drop and side protection, a dedicated tablet pocket for devices up to 10.5 inches, and a removable accessory pouch.

You could also consider the 15.6" Active Commuter Backpack. It is reflective for safety during after-dark commutes. It also offers ergonomic features like a high airflow back panel and sternum strap to help you balance your load.

The Jetsetter

For travelers who find themselves in and out of airports often, the right backpack should feature two key benefits. First, it should offer easy access to pocketed items like passports, boarding passes, and more. Second, it should make your experience in the TSA line smooth and simple.

Consider the 17" Spruce EcoSmart® Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack, which features a patented lay-flat design when fully unzipped. Just slip your computer or tablet out of the dedicated, lined pocket. Then lay your backpack flat and your checkpoint experience is sure to be a breeze.

The Dress to Impress Traveler

If you want a travel backpack that is as stylish as you are, consider the 15"-16" Work+™ Convertible Daypack. It is not only gorgeous on the outside, but it converts from backpack to carry-ready tote with ease.

As a bonus, it even offers a dedicated shoe compartment. So go ahead and pack a second pair of kicks. That way, you'll be sure to remain “best dressed” no matter where you find yourself.

The Eco-friendly Traveler

Let's face it: traveling isn't exactly eco-friendly. Most flights burn more than a fair share of carbon per passenger. So why not lower your carbon footprint with an eco-friendly backpack that still offers all the bells and whistles?

Consider the 15.6” Sagano™ EcoSmart® Travel Backpack. It offers a stylish and minimal color block aesthetic wound around a backpack that was made from nine recycled PET bottles. Now at least you can feel (a little) better about taking that next flight.

The All-arounder

Sometimes, the best backpacks are the jacks of all trades versus the masters of none. This is one of those backpacks.

The 15.6” Mobile Tech Traveler XL EcoSmart® Backpack in black is expandable. It's carry-on sized. It uses the SafePort® Sling Protection System to keep your laptop safe and secure. And it's even eco-friendly, having been made from a whopping 37 recycled water bottles.

With this bag, you're sure to find the best laptop travel backpack for most needs.

Backpacks for Every Traveler

There isn't just one type of traveler. At Targus, we specialize in laptop backpacks for travel designed for every need. Whether you prioritize style, protection, or sustainability, we've got a backpack to meet your needs. Shop laptop travel backpacks now.

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