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How to Become a Professional Minimalist

March 10, 21 - Posted in: Lifestyle
How to Become a Professional Minimalist

Becoming the Modern and Professional Minimalist

How to Declutter Your Office Life to Help You Develop a Minimalist Workspace

Over time, papers, pens, knickknacks, accessories, and miscellaneous items pile up in your workspace. There are items that are difficult to part with due to sentimental value, but there are also tangible pieces that you can part with to help you become a modern minimalist. If you would like to reduce clutter in your life and become that professional minimalist you’ve always wanted to be, the following tips will guide you through organizing your desk and computer. Learn the latest minimalistic laptop bags for your professional needs so you can develop the minimalist workspace you need.

Put a Stop to Incoming Printed Paperwork

Desk piled with papers

When reducing clutter, especially in the office, the fastest way to head towards that minimalistic lifestyle is to stop all those papers from piling up at your desk! Reduce the number of documents you’re printing and throw any unnecessary printed papers into the recycling bin. In the present day, a lot of documents, papers, and notes are better stored digitally. With the right solutions, you’ll be able to back them up into cloud storage and share them with anyone who has a mobile device.


Computer Desktop Clean Up

Wood desk with a laptop
A minimalist workspace doesn’t just apply to your physical workspace but your digital one, as well. Your computer might need a bit of organizing to help you get into the overall minimalistic mindset. Go ahead and clean up any old documents that you do not need by throwing them into the digital trash/recycle bin, or upload them to an external hard drive. Compartmentalize your computer desktop into labeled folders so you have documents organized as opposed to scattered on the desktop.

Organize Those Desk Drawers

Open desk drawer with office supplies
Your office desk might be like most traditional desks with a few drawers, and we all know that it’s easy to let items pile up because it’s so easy to toss random items out of sight. This is a great opportunity to really look at what you don’t need. If it’s in your desk drawer and you haven’t used it in a few months, let it go by donating, recycling, or throwing it away. Reduce and organize the office supplies you might have collected over time; there is no need for 1000 paperclips, 200 file folders, and 100 pens. If you have items you need or can’t part with, get clear plastic containers to store and sort them. You’ll soon see that developing a minimalist workspace is easy once all the clutter is gone.

Remove the Trinkets

Table with computer and decor
Many like to display their favorite items like pictures, figurines, desk lamps, books, and more in their workspaces. Your office does become your second home because you are there for most of the workweek, so why wouldn’t you make it feel like home? The reality is that a minimalistic lifestyle is about doing more with less. To have a clear desk, you will have to remove the trinkets.

Accessories for the Modern Minimalist

As you break office tradition and culture by digitizing documents, taking notes on your computer, and printing less, there is one thing that will change as you develop your minimalist workspace: an increased dependency on technology. Your computer, cell phone, and tablets are very much part of your daily life. Protecting those devices and being stylish while you carry them is a must. Here, you will find the new, modern, minimalistic, and fashion-forward minimalist business backpack products. Take a look at the new CityLite Pro Collection to find the right fit for you!


Targus CityLite Backpacks

Each one of these Targus web exclusive bags have a unique feature to fit your daily need. 

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Laptop Backpack
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Laptop bag

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Now that you’re on the right track to be the professional minimalist, share your office space and CityLite Pro minimalist business backpack purchases with us! Tag us on Instagram and Twitter!

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