Locks, Docks, and Privacy Screens! Oh My!
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Locks, Docks, and Privacy Screens! Oh My!

March 26, 15 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Locks, Docks, and Privacy Screens! Oh My!

What do locks, docks, and privacy screens all have in common - It's security and in discussing universal docking stations the topic of security typically comes up in one form or another. As it pertains to docks and logical security, enterprise customers want to ensure that Targus Universal Docking Stations will work with their network security tools and corporate policies.

The answer to this question is yes and we have some very security conscious customers. The majority of our enterprise customers have restricted desktop environments with many implementing additional controls such as endpoint security and disk encryption. Targus docks are able to work with all these varying security tools and policies and we even provide some complimentary applications such as our free WiFi AutoSwitch Utility. The utility disables all wireless cards and/or modems when you are connected to a LAN. What about physical security?

Well that's where the locks part comes in. All the Targus Universal Docks include a security lock slot so they can be secured to a workstation or conference table. In addition, we offer a broad range of locks and cables to help keep all your devices secure. We provide both serialized and keyed cable lock solutions to support a broad range of customer requirements.

Lastly, Targus Privacy Screens make it easy to protect valuable information anywhere you use your laptop, monitor or tablet. This includes while you are connected to a Targus dock and extending your desktop to a large HD display. Studies have shown that employees are 50% less productive when their visual privacy is at risk.

So if you're concerned about accidentally disclosing sensitive company information or being less productive, then we have a privacy screen for you. 

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