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Must-Have Business Travel Gadgets

January 22, 20 - Posted in: Business
Must-Have Business Travel Gadgets

Working on the go doesn’t have to be limiting. With innovative accessories like those from Targus, you can be more productive on your laptop or tablet — no matter where you are. Whether you’re traveling by train, plain, or other means, our expert engineers have designed a multitude of accessories to enhance the convenience, flexibility, and versatility of your most important work essentials. Explore our roundup of business travel gadgets here.

USB-C Adapters

Targus USB adapters

As companies shift to compressing and minimizing the form-factor of their technology devices, you can expect ports and buttons to keep disappearing from your laptops, tablets, and phones. You’ve probably already noticed that headphone jacks and USB ports are missing from the devices of some of the biggest names in tech. To ensure you’re never stranded without connections to power, music, or other devices, you should add a USB-C travel adapter to your business travel accessories for long flights or overnight trips.

Privacy Screens

Targus privacy screen

If you frequently deal with sensitive information, your in-office computer probably already has privacy protections in place — but have you considered your laptop, tablet, and phone privacy when you’re traveling? Protect your information security with privacy screens of wide ranging sizes and specifications from Targus. We have screens with magnetic strips for quick and easy installation as well as replacement kits to ensure your privacy screens are always fully functional.


We strive to make working on the go as comfortable as possible with our selection of business travel gadgets for tablets. Discover all the accessories in our selection including alternative carrying options like a field-ready universal belt for pairing with our tablet hosters or a tablet case shoulder strap for use with our SafePort® rugged tablet cases. You’ll also find utility accessories like stylus pens and tempered glass screen protectors to pair with our popular iPad® and tablet cases.

Wireless Presenters

Targus P38 wireless pointer

Whether you’re in front of your own team or a new client, you want every presentation to be professional. With our sleek and stylish wireless pointers, you can elevate your public speaking experience and ensure polished presentations. Our pointers offer multi-computer compatibility with connection options including USB and bluetooth. They will quickly become the business travel gadget you didn’t know you needed. You can use them in the office and take them with you wherever you go — they store easily in any Targus bag for amazing portability.

Innovation with Targus

With business travel accessories for long flights and train rides packed away in your Targus backpack, you’ll be prepared for anything. Choose your favorite business travel gadgets from Targus today and add them to your other tech essentials.

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