Pay Raises from Universal Docking Stations
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Pay Raises from Universal Docking Stations

January 12, 15 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Pay Raises from Universal Docking Stations
The DocKtor was asked, "Why Universal Docking?" Well, I must admit I was taken aback with such a question. I have been living and breathing Universal Docking Stations, docks, for so long that I had assumed everybody knew why "To get a promotion and more importantly raise!"
  1. You gotta understand that additional monitors raise productivity. Microsoft claims two screens increase a user's productivity by 9 to 50 percent. See for a NY times article or Google/Bing "additional monitors raise productivity" for more proof. That being said, there is a point of diminishing returns when adding too many external monitors. The DocKtor recommends two to four, sometimes as many as six, depending on the application.
  2. You gotta understand the additional benefits to a dock. For instance, GbE is much more secure and faster (read more productive for the user) than wireless. Almost all docks have Ethernet, with many offering wire-speed GbE. Today's modern docks also offer USB hub functions and some with additional audio ports. While these appear on the local PC at times, it is cumbersome if not inefficient to plug in all the associated cables in lieu of one simple dock connection.
  3. Now if you understand the value of a dock, using a Universal Docking Station is preferred because it will outlast your PC. That is, most PC manufacturer's supply a proprietary dock for their PCs, but most often these will not work with the next generation of PC architecture, even within the same manufacturer, and let alone when switching from one PC brand to the next, or God forbid to a MacBook. I have never seen where a PC refresh that is not accompanied by a dock refresh. This simply is not possible unless using a universal solution!
Now here is where I explain getting the raise. Using a Universal Docking Station saves money because it is no longer necessary to purchase a dock each time a new model PC is deployed. All the productivity of using a docking station and the wise decision to choose to deploy a Universal Docking Station more than recoups any costs associated with purchasing the docking station itself. These cost savings can, of course, contribute to the company's bottom line but a wise CTO/IT VP points to these costs as a way to increase his/her pay! Besides, with today's ultrabook and tablet form factors, there simply is no room for I/O. Targus Universal Docking Stations recapture that I/O and improve user satisfaction.
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