Targus Ghost Device Removal Utilitiy v. for Windows Released
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Targus Ghost Device Removal Utilitiy v. for Windows Released

July 27, 17 - Posted in: Tech Talk
Targus Ghost Device Removal Utilitiy v. for Windows Released


Targus Ghost Device Removal Utility version for Windows was released last week for use with all Targus DisplayLink based Universal Docking Stations models: ACP71, ACP77, DOCK110, DOCK120, DOCK130, DOCK150, DOCK160, DOCK171, DOCK177, DOCK180, and DOCK410.

Network adaptor registry bloat is a little known limitation of the Windows OS which has been around since Windows XP. The limitation is exposed in Agile/ABW environments where connecting to multiple network adaptors occurs. It can also occur when connecting to virtual network adaptors on some environments. It is not limited to Targus products, however, we produced this utility to remove the impact in an Agile environment where Targus docks are used. Targus Ghost Device Removal (GDR) utility is a Windows service that is started automatically during Windows startup and runs continuously in the background. This service is installed for all users of the PC and runs using the local system account which allows it to perform device management actions regardless of the type of users logged in. When started, the application checks for the number of Targus Universal Docking Station (UDS) devices installed in the machine. If there are more than 16 (programmable and installation) Targus UDS devices in the registry, the GDR utility will remove the excess devices associated with the Targus UDS including Network adapters, Display adapters, USB Audio, limiting to 16 (programmable at installation) Targus UDS devices at one time. The order of the removal is first in first out (FIFO). Current deployments of the Targus Ghost Device Removal (GDR) Utility can be updated using the associated tray icon, if enabled. The utility is also deployable with various options via Group Policy tools . Details are shown in the updated software and associated Installation and User Guide that is available for download from the associated dock product page, under "Support".

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