“Hydra” Cable 3-Way Power and Charging Solution for Disappearing Tips
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“Hydra” Cable 3-Way Power and Charging Solution for Disappearing Tips

September 03, 15 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
“Hydra” Cable 3-Way Power and Charging Solution for Disappearing Tips

image of Hydra Configured computer connectors

As mentioned in other posts, too often power tips for the ACP77 and/or ACP71. Until now there was no solution short of Super Glue. Targus developed the 3-Way Power and Charging "Hydra" Cable p/n ACC984USX at $39.99 SRP to mitigate the disappearance of power tips. The Hydra ships with the ability to configure it with up to three power tips from the ACP71/ACP77 on-board supply and lock them into the assembly via clips. Shown here with the PT-X9 for Lenovo, and PT-W for HP/Dell, and a PT-Z for Asus. It also comes with a cable that twist locks into the hydra assembly.

Targus cannot stop a determined thief, but ultimately the tips can still be changed, but this solution makes it much more difficult for users to walk-away with the power tips for their particular PC. It also offers the convenience of having of up to three tips preconfigured for various brands of PC so users do not have to look under the ACP77/71 cover and configure themselves. The one-time assembly instructions are shown below.

Assembly Instructions for the cables

"Hydra" attached to ACP71.

Hydra Usage connected

Note, the "Hydra" assembly contains circuit logic to prevent drawing power on more than one tip at a time. Therefore, only one tip can be used to power and charge a given PC whatever its power requirements are up to 90W (same as the ACP77/ACP71 without the Hydra).
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