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Join Targus® On Our Journey To Create A More Sustainable Future

April 19, 24 - Posted in: Lifestyle
Join Targus® On Our Journey To Create A More Sustainable Future

At Targus®, we realize the important role that our company plays in protecting our environment. That’s why we’re continuing to make sustainability a part of our DNA by taking actionable and meaningful steps to do more to impact less.

Now during Earth Month, we’re excited to share with you some of our latest progress in Targus’ sustainability journey. Read on to learn more.


Targus’ laptop bags and tech accessories not only protect your tech, but they also help you to make smarter choices for the planet. Did you know that Targus has been using recycled plastic water bottles to make EcoSmart® laptop bags since 2008? Fast forward to today, we have also started using certified recycled plastic materials in our award-winning tech accessories, like mice and keyboards. To date, more than 21.7 million plastic water bottles have been recycled to make our EcoSmart laptop bags.

Taking this a step further, Targus will soon be launching its new Coastline EcoSmart Collection, which includes a 15-16” backpack and briefcase made using certified ocean-bound plastic. Why is this important? There are now 5 trillion tons of plastic in our ocean with 11 million tons entering our ocean each year! While most ocean plastic isn’t recyclable, we can help to minimize the problem by diverting it from the ocean in the first place. Using recycled certified ocean-bound plastic in our Coastline bags means that this plastic waste has been recovered from within 50 kilometers (30 miles) of an ocean coastline or major waterway.


Demonstrating its progress in sustainability, Targus has also recently completed our annual certification process with EcoVadis, a globally recognized certification platform that benchmarks businesses’ sustainability performance. The 2023 EcoVadis ratings now put Targus in the bronze status at the 64th percentile, which is the top 16 percent of companies in the computer wholesale, computer peripheral equipment, and software industries globally. This is a 13-point increase from our 51st percentile ranking in 2022. The EcoVadis methodology assesses companies’ policies, actions, and results in the areas of environmental impact, labor and human rights standards, ethics, and procurement practices.


Leading a more sustainable lifestyle is more rewarding and enjoyable when we do it together! Targus’ global employees recently participated in a global Treekly challenge for the second consecutive year to turn their collective footsteps into forests. During the challenge, our Targus team walked a total of 12.8 million combined steps, resulting in 1,159 trees planted. By 2050, the trees will capture an estimated 395.73 tons of CO2, or the equivalent of removing the impact of 112,278 quarter-pound cheeseburgers. In doing so, these reforestation initiatives will restore habitats and protect against coastal erosion.  


Read more about Targus’ sustainability commitment and progress on Targus.com and join the conversation and tag @Targus on social: LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook.

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