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Targus Steps Toward a More Sustainable Future in Global Treekly Challenge

March 01, 24 - Posted in: Lifestyle
Targus Steps Toward a More Sustainable Future in Global Treekly Challenge

Targus is continuing to further its commitment to the environment by striving to reduce its impact on our planet, improve sustainability in its day-to-day activities, and develop circularity from sourcing and packaging to distribution and partnerships, and beyond. Targus’ sustainability strategy, goals, and roadmap are detailed in its Global Sustainability Report. Examples of this include through its product innovation and creating quality products that are made to last, creating tangible change by aligning its sustainability goals to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and achieving certifications to demonstrate how it is walking the walk to pave the way toward a greener future. 

To further demonstrate its commitment to the planet, Targus’ global team recently participated in a Treekly walking challenge. During the month-long challenge, our employees turned their collective footsteps into forests by aiming to walk 5,000 steps daily to fund the planting of mangrove trees in Mteza Creek, Kenya, contributing to vital reforestation efforts and helping to create fair wage employment for its impoverished communities. 

Targus’ Treekly Impact 

According to Treekly, together our Targus community walked a total of 12.8 million combined steps, resulting in 1,159 trees planted, equivalent to CO2e reductions of 112,278. By 2050, the trees will capture an estimated 395.73 tons of CO2 over the next 25 years, the equivalent of removing the impact of 112,278 quarter-pound cheeseburgers. In doing so, these reforestation initiatives will restore habitats and protect against coastal erosion.  

Join us in our sustainability journey on social media at LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

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