Targus Universal Docking on a Virtual Machine

Targus Universal Docking on a Virtual Machine
The DocKtor is often asked if Targus' Universal Docking Stations (docks) can be used with a Virtual Machine? The short answer is, "Yes". The long answer, or rather, official answer is, "Probably". That is, while not validated the DocKtor is aware of many customer using docks with VMs. I have even been told that one customer is booting their Macbook to a Windows VM PC connected to a dock using its GbE port. At any rate, however you do it, make sure your VM Hypervisor support more than one external monitor, some don't, if using two or more. The DocKtor has personally, and successfully, run Parallels on a OS X 10.10 Macbook connected to a dock with a Windows 8.1 desktop on one external monitor and a Windows 10 Technical Preview desktop and Debian GNU Linux on the other. The host MacBook desktop was left open and being used for email, etc.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 3.06.30 PM

Feel free to comment with your VM approach using Targus Universal Docking Stations.

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