Health And Wellness Tips For The Busy Professional
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Health And Wellness Tips For The Busy Professional

January 17, 19 - Posted in: Lifestyle
Health And Wellness Tips For The Busy Professional

Keep your 2019 going strong by running with healthy habits.

Maintaining a healthy body and mind is a daily occurrence. Don’t let your fitness and wellness goals fall by the wayside. Take your goals to another level by growing with your colleagues and cultivating a positive mindset with the tips listed below.

1. Download the Charity Miles App

Charity Miles is one of the best exercise apps for any fitness level. You achieve two tasks at once by getting in a workout while donating to a charity, it’s a win-win situation. This app is designed to log movement from running, cycling, dancing, and walking. You’re making a difference with every mile logged. For all miles tracked you help earn money from a pool of corporate sponsors for the charity you select. Stay healthy and make a difference.

Charity Miles

2. Host a Health Food Potluck

Healthy eating and meal prepping are difficult, but as a team, it can be easier. Pick a day once a month where people in the office can bring in their favorite healthy food for a potluck. This gives everyone a chance to learn about new healthy recipes, chat about their favorite healthy foods, and encourage one another to establish better eating habits.

Healthy Food for Work

3. Charity Walk or Run

Team building activities are a great way to maintain and initiate a healthy lifestyle. Gather a group of runners, walkers, and joggers from the office for a charity run/walk. Forming a team of volunteers is a phenomenal way to build comradery, train, and to make a difference for a cause. There are hundreds of charity walks/runs across the country for you to choose from.

Charity Run and Walk

4. Stand or Sit, You Choose

Office life naturally comes with hours of sitting, creating a sedentary lifestyle. Standing desks in the office are a great way to combat the negative effects of sitting for extended hours. Trade in your traditional desk for a standing one – or one that will allow you the option to sit or stand. If utilizing a standing desk is not for you, combat hours of sitting by getting up every hour for a stretch.

5. A Little Bit of Meditation Can Shed a Lot of Stress

Daily stressors can have a negative effect on your physical and mental well-being. Take time to reset your mind with meditation. If you have never meditated there are a few great smartphone apps that will guide you into becoming a master meditator. Meditation can help you become more focused while lowering your stress level.  

6. Nutritiously Packed Food from Home

When you take your own lunch to work, you save money, calories, and time. You already carry your electronics to and from the office, why not include your food into the mix. Pack your lunch at least three days out of the week, better yet, use a backpack that houses your tech and treats. Having a laptop backpack with an insulated food-storage compartment to take your lunch is a great way to save money while staying healthy. On average employees in the United States spend roughly $3,000 annually on coffee and food. Yes, going out for lunch is exciting, but there are a lot of healthy lunch options to pack for your work day.   

Man with his lunch and backpack

7. Cheers! Now Drink Up

Throughout your busy day, you might forget about drinking that clear liquid that makes up over half of your body. Water consumption often gets neglected but is vital in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Smartphones are a great tool, offering a variety of apps to remind you to drink water.

8. Change Up the Normal Team Meeting

Comfortably carry your walking shoes into the office along with your tech and set yourself up for success. If you’ve scheduled a meeting to brainstorm or to catch up with your team, turn it into a group walk. Change into your walking shoes and get out of the office. It should help everyone feel rejuvenated.

Business professionals walking


Here’s to a year of wellness! Sign up for that charity run, pack your lunches, and meditate through stressful situations.

Don’t forget to share your office fitness and wellness stories with us on social media. We love hearing from you.  


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