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The Unique Details Used to Create Industry-Best Tablet Cases

June 27, 19 - Posted in: Business
The Unique Details Used to Create Industry-Best Tablet Cases

Discover how Targus tablet cases are enhanced to be your best tablet protection.  

You might be asking yourself: what is so special about a tablet case? Andrew Corkill, our Vice President of Global Marketing, breaks down how Targus tablet cases’ exclusive design, comes to fruition from extensive research, and goes through comprehensive tests to ensure quality. 

1. What makes Targus tablet cases unique?

Targus dedicates time doing research, conducting studies, and talking directly with customers about tablets and tablet cases. We spend time figuring out how people use their tablets and what Targus can bring to the table by making their experience easier. We design our products around our customers’ needs with a very strong focus on protection.

Targus is all about protecting your tablet. All of our cases have military-grade four-foot drop protection that ensures your tablet will withstand any accidental drops. We design every tablet case in such a way that every side and corner of the tablet, including the screen, has ample protection so you don’t have to worry about damaging it easily, especially when traveling. We also offer a number of tablet cases with our patented 360-degree rotation, a feature that has been perfected by Targus to work seamlessly with your device for an optimal user experience.

Targus provides a warranty on all tablet cases, proving that we stand behind the quality and design of our products.

2. Could you give us some details about marketing these leading tablet cases to everyday users?

At Targus, we have been ramping up our social media.  We try to have as much information across all channels educating customers on how to use their case and communicate feedback to us.

Make sure to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts so that you don’t miss our informative live streams where we dive into unique features of Targus products!

3. How do you ensure that you provide the best tablet case for customers? Do you rely on research or customer feedback?

We spend a lot of time conducting diligent research and interviewing people who are using Targus cases. We talk to people who are using various types of tablets (Apple, Samsung, or Microsoft) then we segment users and create a product based on their needs.

Even young children use tablets for education, recreation or both. Another customer segment includes mobile workers who must use a tablet every day for work. These two types of customers have different needs and we design the best tablet cases specifically for that customer needs.

4. Could you please walk us through the creative process of developing Targus tablet cases? Perhaps you can start with the initial idea and take us through design to the final product?

It starts with understanding how people are using the tablet, then discovering unmet needs. If you have a tablet and you’re into FaceTime where you take a lot of calls or do training sessions, you need to rotate your tablet from landscape to portrait mode. We have a great design team here at Targus that takes those needs and idealizes them. We then make prototypes for real-life situations, and build more iterations of the product until it attains that level of perfection that Targus strives to have in every single product.

5. Please tell us a little more about our patented 360-degree rotating cases.

Targus has a patent on the 360-rotation case. Our rotating tablet cases – like those in the VersaVu collection – have a mechanism built inside that allows the protected tablet to rotate from horizontal to vertical viewing and back again in just seconds without removing the tablet from its case. When you have a unique idea like this, you want to patent it because it becomes your intellectual property. As a brand, it also becomes your value because people know that we’ve invested money into creating this product in pursuit of quality.

6. Which is your favorite tablet case?

My favorite tablet case is the Safe Port Rugged Case for iPad. This is a rugged case that Targus created and we spent about two years creating this product. The reason why it took such a long time is because of the difficulty in making sure that you have a strong, sturdy rugged tablet case that is going to protect your product. We wanted to make it slim and light. One of the big questions was: how do you make a slim, light, protective case, that can withstand 4-foot drops? This case has what is called IP54, which is ingress protection to a level that we tested through a third party company that shoots salt, sand, spray water at the product, and put the tablet/case through a vibrate tests, all to mimic a rugged outdoor environment.  
Now that you know the thought and detail that goes into providing you with the best tablet cases, you can rest assured that whichever Targus tablet case you choose, your device will be protected. Be sure to follow us on social media to share any of your questions or comments about Targus.
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