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Update BIOS To Enable USB 3.0

October 02, 13 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Update BIOS To Enable USB 3.0
After making sure my Lenovo X1 Carbon had updated Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller and Intel HD Graphics 4000 drivers, I still couldn't get my Targus Universal Dock to connect to USB 3.0 - even after using the X1 Carbon's USB 3.0 port! In fact, the Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller did not show in the Device Manager. To quickly fix the issue, I downloaded and installed an update for the BIOS - in my case, to UEFI version G6ET96WW (2.56) and after rebooting, the dock connected as expected at USB 3.0 SuperSpeed. This picture shows what a dock attached to a USB 3.0 port will look like in the Windows Device Manager. NOTE: To see Devices By Connection within the Device Manager window, simply click on the "View" tab and select.
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