Targus Validates DisplayLink 8.6M0 for Windows
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Targus Validates DisplayLink 8.6M0 for Windows

September 25, 18 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Targus Validates DisplayLink 8.6M0 for Windows

Targus has validated the latest release version 8.6M0 (including Targus Universal Docking Station device drivers) for all DisplayLink-based Targus Universal Docking Stations on all version of Windows 7 and 10. The software is available here

Enterprise customers may also download the corporate version INF/MSI files from here

The new software is reported as DisplayLink® Core Software (Windows 7) or DisplayLink Graphics Driver 8.6.1204.0 (Windows 10) at Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features and in the DisplayLink task tray icon. And the individual devices show in the Device Manager as:

  1. Network adapters:  Targus Ethernet as 8.6.587.0
  2. Sound, video, and game controllers: Targus Audio W7 8.6.1168.0
  3. Display adapters (Windows 10): Targus Docking Station (varies) as 8.6.1165.0
  4. USB Display Adapters (Windows 7): Targus Docking Station (varies) as 8.6.1204.0 

Validation with Targus Universal Docking Station Utilities

Version 8.6M0 has been put through a full system test and is suitable for deployment to end-users.  It has also been validated with all applicable Targus Utilities.  However, not every Targus Utility has been validated with every Targus Universal Docking Station on every Windows build or platform.  Please contact your Targus representative or DocKtor with questions. 

Latest Improvements

  1. Improved interoperability with DisplayPort monitors.
  2. DL-5xx0: Ethernet auto negotiation may fail to establish a link when the Ethernet cable does not have all 4 pairs present.
  3. DL-3xx0/DL-5xx0: A rare boot condition could show a checkerboard test screen instead of desktop content at power on.
  4. Improved behavior on Internet Explorer 11 not refreshing when lock/unlock Windows 7 in basic model
  5. DL-6950: enabled 70 Hz refresh rate for supported resolutions within max pixel clock.
  6. Some monitors showed blank screen when the resolution is set to 1920x1080 120Hz.
  7. Fix for a rare reboot of the DL-6xx0 device after a long uptime.

New Features 

  1. HDCP 1.x on DL-6950 HDMI output on Windows 10 v1803 onwards with platforms (Intel 7th generation CPU + GPU) and players supporting protected content over indirect displays.
  2. Alternate encoding 2nd preview (registry 
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