Windows 10 Settings for Three External Monitors on DOCK430
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Windows 10 Settings for Three External Monitors on DOCK430

November 04, 19 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Windows 10 Settings for Three External Monitors on DOCK430

Depending on the host graphics and especially DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport support, it is often possible to render three external Extended (or Mirrored) monitors from the two downstream facing DP and one downstream facing HDMI (all three) graphics monitor ports.  The following Windows settings may need to be implemented for this to work.

At Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options\System Settings select “Do Nothing” from the drop-down(s) next to “When I close the lid:”  This can be set for both “On battery” and “Plugged in” but it is not recommended for “On battery” as this may cause inadvertent battery drain.

A screen shot of computer software

Once this is complete and with the DOCK430 connected and working, close the PC lid.  From here you may have to virtually connect the display using the Windows 10 Display Settings under “Multiple displays” but clicking on the monitor that is virtually disconnected (grayed out), scrolling down to “Multiple displays” (if not already showing) and choosing to “Extend desktop to this display” or “Duplicate desktop on X and Y” (where “X” and “Y” on the associated monitors) as desired. 

Screen shot of software updates

It may take a bit of trying different configurations until the desired one is met, and this can be trying, but persistence should pay off eventually.  Also, some graphics suppliers, including Intel Graphics, may have a utility on the PC to configure the monitors that may be preferred for configuring the monitor configurations.

And remember, the capabilities of configuring three external monitors depends most on the host PC graphics capabilities.  The following chart shows what is most often possible with Windows 10 PC.

Monitor and Resolution chart

Please do not hesitate to contact Targus if you need assistance. 

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