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Universal Docking Station Applications

IT departments are demanding products that can work across a broader range of hardware vendors. 

Targus Universal Docking Stations Provide Complete CYOD-Ready Solution For Global Software Giant

Consumerization of IT represents a major shift in the information technology market and organizations are scrambling to contend with real and perceived challenges it brings, including security, privacy, compliance, as well as the difficulties inherent to tying BYOD tools to existing systems and services. 

Need Longer ACP71/ACP77 Cables?

ACP71/ACP77 cables information.

Pay Raises from Universal Docking Stations

The DocKtor was asked, "Why Universal Docking?" Well, I must admit I was taken aback with such a question. I have been living and breathing Universal Docking Stations, docks, for so long that I had assumed everybody knew why "To get a promotion and more importantly raise!"

Windows To Go with Targus Universal Docking Stations

Many enterprises are considering utilizing Windows To Go for a more secure and manageable Windows deployment.

BitLocker Login with Universal Docking Station

BitLocker can be used with Targus Univeral Docking Stations!

Defective Power Tip “W” for HP and Dell

The DocKtor has recently been exposed to APC71 and ACP77 power tips "W" not functioning correctly. 

Passive VGA Adaptors Not So Passive

Recently I was asked if I could help with an IT issue that could not be resolved by the contract desktop support team for our Sydney office.

USB Extension Cables

Information about USB extension cables.
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