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DocKtor, Where’s My Desktop!?

You ever have too many Windows open; or too many desk-tops on too many monitors and just want to see the desktop on all of them - If so, check-out...

Don’t Throw Away, Use That Old Display

Targus Universal Docking Stations models ACP70 and the #1 selling ACP71 both ship with passive DVI-I to VGA and HDMI to DVI-D adaptors in the box.

WW Universal Docking Station Support Contacts

Targus Offers direct support for enterprise Universal Docking Station customers worldwide.

More Than Two External Displays

The DocKtor is often asked how to add a third, fourth, or more external monitors

My Employer Won’t Give Me A Dock for Home

When asked where to get a Targus Universal Docking Station for the home or home office, the DocKtor recommends, "from your favorite on-line retailer".

“Too Close or not to Close,” That Is the Question

Many users coming from the olden days of using a snap-in type dock are used to closing the lid or their PC when using a docking station. However, in today's world of Universal Docking Stations, the DocKtor recommends leaving the lid open to use the local display.

…It’s Got A Kick-Stand

With the possible exception of the singing in "Surface Pro 3 Winter Wonderland, the latest Surface Pro 3 vs. Macbook Air TV commercials are entertaining.

Targus Universal Docking on a Virtual Machine

The DocKtor is often asked if Targus' Universal Docking Stations (docks) can be used with a Virtual Machine? The short answer is, "Yes".

How To Turn A (Was $99) now $79 Tablet Into A Workstation!

Okay, not really $99 in total, but the HP Stream 7 at $99 with Office 365 is an incredible deal. Indeed, this little PC, and it is a real PC, runs Windows 8.1, not Windows RT, or like an iPad, or like a Chromebook.
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