Case Study: Professional Services Firm Increases Productivity With Off
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Case Study: Professional Services Firm Increases Productivity With Office Workstation Refresh

May 02, 19 - Posted in: Business
Case Study: Professional Services Firm Increases Productivity With Office Workstation Refresh

The client is a global professional services firm that was seeking expertise and resources to support the technical expansion of their new flexible office design. The Targus team strategically collaborated with business leaders within the professional services firm to implement a solution. Targus’ Universal Docking solutions provided superior functionality and longevity that would improve long-term costs, reduce support needs, and optimize productivity.

The Customer: Multinational Professional Services Firm

Our client is a multinational professional services firm that provides audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk advisory, and financial advisory services to more than 260,000 of the world’s most recognizable brands. Globally, our client assists more than 85 percent of the Fortune 500 and more than 6,000 private and middle market companies. Our client remains one of the largest professional service networks in the world, earning over $18 million in revenue in 2017. Founded over 150 years ago, our client has grown substantially with a professional headcount totaling over 84,000.

The Project: Productivity-Centered Office Refresh

In 2015, the client was planning an office expansion and refresh of their office design. Their Canadian team was bringing thousands of employees from multiple locations into one office and the leadership team wanted to create workspaces that would allow employees to match their work environment to the task at hand while simultaneously promoting collaboration and team interaction.

This strategy required a technology upgrade that would support multiple OEMs and remain compatible with a variety of end-user requirements. The IT leaders wanted to future-proof their technology solutions and ensure compatibility between current devices as well as any older devices and upcoming new purchases.

The Solution: Docking Stations to Accommodate Multiple Workstation Needs

Looking for solutions that would optimize their expansion by standardizing and future-proofing their technologies, our client turned to the experts at Targus Canada. Our knowledgeable team of business leaders and engineering specialists worked together to collaborate on a solution that would streamline their expansion and flexible office design.

Ultimately, Deloitte chose to standardize on the ACP71 - the Targus flagship dock at the time. The dock offered Dual HD Video and integrated universal laptop charging compatible with most 90W PC laptops. Seven universal power tips to accommodate the varying brands of laptops were conveniently stored inside the dock for quick and easy access.

The Outcome: Another Successful Roll-Out with Satisfied Employees

Since their initial roll-out in 2015, the company has successfully rolled out over 4,000 docking stations and continues to partner with Targus on supporting their ever-changing technology needs. They have gone on to purchase upgraded versions of ACP71 (named DOCK171), as well as additional docking solutions to meet the specific needs of employees – the DOCK220 for their Mac users who require faster Thunderbolt 3 speeds; and DOCK412 for their mobile workforce. Targus even developed a dedicated bundle for the team, which included the Targus Hydra Cable with the two exact power tips needed company-wide. This prevented power tips from getting misplaced and eliminated confusion as to which tip among the set was necessary to power up.

As Targus’ largest corporate dock customer in Canada, they continue to seek the advice and resources from Targus experts on technology solutions for future projects, office expansions, and available accessories that will enhance their productivity and improve end-user experiences.

Targus’ unique consultative approach and industry expertise is what stands out most to the IT team. The workstations have successfully supported a more interactive, engaging, and efficient office environment that allows team members to get more done without IT help-desk requests. The company could future-proof their technologies, providing data and power functionality to a variety of OEM laptops, and ensuring a unique, collaborative work experience for their employees.
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