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Case Study: Multinational Sportswear Giant Saves Substantial Cost During Growth Initiative

May 09, 19 - Posted in: Business
Case Study: Multinational Sportswear Giant Saves Substantial Cost During Growth Initiative

Our collaborative approach with a multinational sportswear giant helped the company to minimize the complexities of managing multiple devices to accommodate a variety of OEMs. Looking for ways to support rapid growth, our client sought the technical expertise of Targus engineers to streamline the various OEM systems used by employees. The company standardized on DOCK160 making it possible for the company to increase efficiency, reduce the time spent on help desk calls, and improve SKU management.

The Customer: Multinational Sportswear Giant

Our client is a multinational corporation who specializes in the manufacture and design of footwear, clothing, and accessories. Since their founding 80 years ago, they have become the largest sportswear manufacturer throughout Europe and the second largest globally. With more than 60,000 employees worldwide and net sales of nearly $28 billion annually, the company is leading the way in athletic apparel.

The Project: Multiple OEM Devices Cause Increased Support Needs

Our client’s continued growth made it necessary to seek larger office space to accommodate their increasing workforce. In an effort to create technological uniformity during the expansion, our client sought the expertise of Targus.

Employees had been utilizing multiple OEM laptops, each requiring management and support for their various platforms. Considerable time was being spent on IT help desk support and expenses were inflated due to increased labor and lost productivity.

Looking for solutions that would allow them to streamline their workload, our client’s main objective was to find the best solution that would bring unification to a variety of OEM devices, while at the same time having the capability to handle future updates.

The Solution: Universal Docking Solutions Reduce Spend and Improve Productivity

The client enlisted the help of Targus to collaborate on a solution that would align their multiple technology platforms to boost productivity. After several consultations with the client, our team of engineers and business experts recommended standardizing on the Targus DOCK160 Universal Dual Video Docking Station which would provide USB 3.0 connectivity to a variety of OEM laptops.

The client was concerned about the coordination of the roll-out. As this was a substantial undertaking, it was important to create a seamless roll-out strategy. Our team coordinated the delivery of devices with IT install timelines to ensure an efficient process. This ensured equipment was in place and ready to use at the right times.

The Outcome: Universal Dual Docking Solutions add Efficiency to Workflow
During the client’s initial rollout, 1,500 docking stations were deployed company-wide. They quickly noticed a decrease in help desk and support requirements and a simultaneous increase in productivity. The universal docking solution is on track to save the company approximately $300,000 in labor and productivity costs related to project research, SKU management, and help desk support.
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