2 New Wireless Phone Chargers For Home Or Travel
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2 New Wireless Phone Chargers For Home Or Travel

July 11, 22 - Posted in: Lifestyle
2 New Wireless Phone Chargers For Home Or Travel

Stay connected and recharged with these new wireless accessories.

A fully charged smartphone is essential not only for work use, but recreational use as well.

Two new wireless phone chargers from Targus help you enjoy more screen time at home or while you travel.

Charge Your Phone At Home Or In The Office

Having your phone upright while charging can be useful, especially if you're keeping an eye out for an important message or taking a quick video call from your desk. Add our Qi Wireless Charging Stand to your workstation setup to always have your phone screen easily visible.

Charging Phone Stand

This portable Qi charger can also be a great accessory for your nightstand while keeping clutter to a minimum. Simply drop your phone onto it vertically or horizontally anytime you need a recharge. No need to remove the phone case unlike other chargers. Keep your phone in its case and let this handy charger do all the work.

Charge Your Phone Anywhere

The new circular-shaped Qi Wireless Charging Pad easily slips into a bag so you can take it with you anywhere. Simply lay it on a surface with your phone on top and it will recharge your phone battery as you multi-task throughout the day or settle down for the night. You can even keep your phone’s case on as it charges!

Qi wireless charging pad

Power Through Your Busy Day

Both of our wireless phone chargers boast an industry leading 2-year limited warranty as we stand behind our product’s quality and durability.

Targus offers accessories to charge your electronic devices as well as bags and cases to safely carry them with you. While famous for our laptop bags for over 35 years, we have since expanded our brand to include tech accessories like keyboards, audio accessories, webcams and much more.

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