ChromeOS Flex Docking
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ChromeOS Flex Docking

June 21, 22 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
ChromeOS Flex Docking

With the chipset shortage bemoaning the industry many enterprises have been resorting to other methods of staying productive including repurposing older MacBooks and Windows PCs. Many of these older devices were developed during, and supported by, a much older version of their respective Operating Systems (OS). They do not work efficiently if at all with more recent versions of Windows and macOS.

Therefore, many enterprises are resorting to deploying the much lighter ChromeOS that can be used by Users for much of what they would otherwise might require a modern laptop. One way to offer Users the opportunity to use their older Windows PC or Macbook is ChromeOS Flex.

Thee DocKtor is not going to argue the merits of the various OS; I remain agnostic and support letting Users decide how they want to work. (But there are some valid points made in this article from IGN.) Thee DocKtor recommends using a docking station to be productive on any platform, including ChromeOS Flex.

In example, below is a picture of Thee DocKtor’s Chrome OS Flex based workstation utilizing the Targus DOCK182 Universal Docking Station:

Chrome OS Flex workstation featuring Targus DOCK182

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