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6 Tips for Remote Working

March 20, 20 - Posted in: Business
6 Tips for Remote Working

Set aside a quiet space, free from distractions.

Find a quiet place somewhere in your home to set up your home workspace. This will help you avoid the usual noise and home-life disruptions, so you can concentrate and stay focused while working remotely.

Make your workspace comfortable.

mac computer on brown table

Most of your workday will be spent here, so be sure to make your workspace both physically and mentally comfortable. Your keyboard should be at an appropriate height for typing, find a chair that’s upright and comfortable, but not too comfortable; you want to stay awake! Don’t forget to have your usual post-it notes, pens, peripherals, and whatever else you may need, within reach.

Be ready for video or conference calls.

Working remotely means more virtual video/phone calls; your system should be set up to do both seamlessly. Being camera-ready is also key. Dress as if you are meeting in-person and make sure the background area behind you is clean and presentable. 

Stay connected with others.

Working from your home workspace doesn’t mean working in a vacuum. We have all the necessary work from home technology to collaborate on projects and stay connected with our team members, vendors, and customers.

Keep your daily routine.

It may be difficult at first to become accustomed to following your normal work schedule in your home environment, but a little awareness goes a long way. Keep an eye on the time, taking your usual breaks, and make time for lunch.

Create an inviting workspace.

woman at desk with coffee and flowers working

Add personal touches and create an environment that makes you happy while working remotely. This could mean decorating your workspace with flowers and pictures or having your favorite beverage or snacks nearby.

Following these little tips can help you stay productive and make the most of remote working. If you want to learn more read our article, the Optimum Work from Home Setup.

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