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Backpacks vs Shoulder Bags: Which One is Right For You?

November 23, 20 - Posted in: Lifestyle
Backpacks vs Shoulder Bags: Which One is Right For You?

Should you buy a computer messenger bag or a backpack that holds your laptop? That’s a pressing question for many commuters, professionals, and students. There are several things to consider, including size versus convenience. Whether you’re in an office setting or a commuter who spends a substantial amount of time surrounded by large crowds, you need to think of the functionality and practicality of the bag you choose.

Targus can help you decide if a modern computer bag is the right fit for your needs.

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Ample Space

Space is always a consideration when you’re choosing a bag meant to carry something as important as your laptop or tablet. Today’s computer messenger bags offer more than enough space for your computer, your other electronics, and any paper files, folders, or notebooks. Backpacks are roomy, as well, but messenger bags and shoulder bags are generally more streamlined. Both styles have compartments that allow you to keep your items neatly organized but still accessible.


As you carry around your laptop and other devices, you want to keep them safe and well protected. Where backpacks have often offered more protection, modern computer bags in the crossbody or shoulder bag style are significantly padded, too. Many of them contain additional padding in their separated compartments. The extra layers of protection ensure that your laptop won’t get jostled, banged around, or broken as you go about your business.

You can always purchase a sleeve for your laptop or tablet, as well. It never hurts to go above and beyond to secure your items, especially if you need to carry two laptops — one for work and one for personal use.

The Convenience Factor

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Backpacks can be bulky, especially when worn correctly over the shoulders. A backpack may evenly distribute the weight of everything you have to carry, but you have to consider the practicality of moving from place to place. That’s especially true if you use public transportation. With a big backpack on your shoulders, it’s easy to knock into other people or take up too much space. Both are breaches of etiquette on the bus, the subway, or the train.

In contrast, a computer messenger bag that you can wear over your shoulder or across your body won’t take up nearly as much space. Although you have plenty of room for your laptop, tablet, phone, and files, you won’t infringe on anyone else. With a shoulder bag, you’re not in danger of smacking someone with your bag. Because messenger bags and shoulder bags are flat and horizontal, they don’t take up as much storage space, either. You can effortlessly slide a modern computer bag behind your legs or beneath your seat.

Whether you prefer backpacks, sleeves, or a computer messenger bag, Targus has a variety of options available. Take a look at the bags available at Targus to narrow down your pick.

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