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Truly Universal Hybrid Docking Stations

December 14, 20 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Truly Universal Hybrid Docking Stations

Thee DocKtor defines “Truly Universal” in the video at Targus Universal Docking Stations Training Series | Part 1.

Many companies are following Targus’ lead by claiming to have “Truly Universal” Docking Stations, but their docking stations are not what Targus defines as “Truly Universal”.

At Targus, a Truly Universal Docking Station has all the built-in functions and performs:

  1. connected to any USB-C or USB-A host receptacle, and
  2. provides Power Delivery to the maximum 100WDC of the Type-C specifications, at all the popular host voltage levels, and
  3. provides maximum power to legacy (barrel) type hosts, and
  4. finally works across brand and platform (OS)

Other companies often confuse by using phrases the words “truly universal” or even “hybrid” to mean the dock can connect to a USB-C or USB-A host; however, they do not support power on USB-C, or to the various levels, or at all using a Type-A host. They have no built-in legacy power support.

Contact your Targus Representative to learn more about the original “Truly Universal” docking stations and to help you select the best docking station for your needs.

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