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Best iPad Cases of 2023

July 19, 23 - Posted in: Lifestyle
Best iPad Cases of 2023

An iPad is a lot of things. It's a tablet, it's a computer, it's a canvas, it's a communication device.

But more than anything, it's an expensive piece of tech. Regardless of where you like to use your iPad, a reliable case is essential. Otherwise, your tech is at risk from drops, bumps, and other damage.

But what are the best iPad cases? In this article, we'll cover the best cases for iPad in nearly every form factor. With all this in mind, you can be sure to choose the best iPad case for protection you can trust.

General iPad Cases

Those looking for an all-around iPad case should definitely consider the SafePort® Slim Antimicrobial Case for iPad®. This slim case offers military grade drop protection, a gorgeous clear design, and even germ protection thanks to DefenseGuard™. Slip this case into your backpack or carry-on and let the worries for your tech melt away.

Keyboard Tablet Cases

If you prefer the tactile feeling of a traditional computer keyboard while you work on your iPad, consider a keyboard case. Keyboard cases offer flexibility and protection.

The VersaType™ for iPad Pro® offers both an ergonomic keyboard and multitouch trackpad. These two premium features will make it feel like you're computing from the comfort of your home.

Military Grade iPad Cases

If you expect a few extra bumps in the road ahead of you, consider a military grade iPad protective case. This will ensure an even better layer of protection for your device. The Pro-Tek™ Case for iPad® is the pinnacle of military grade cases.

It passes 4-foot drop testing and offers a bevy of premium features. This includes a custom molded tray, multiple viewing angles, and even an integrated Apple Pencil holder.

Rotating iPad Cases

If you like to use your iPad in both landscape and portrait orientation, consider a rotating iPad case per your needs.

The VersaVu® Case for iPad® offers versatile 360° viewing settings and a magnetic closure. It even passes the same drop testing as the Pro-Tek we listed above! As an extra bonus, it comes in a variety of gorgeous shades. So choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.

Rugged iPad Cases

For use in high impact environments, we recommend a case that is designed with durability and one-handed use in mind. Enter the SafePort® Standard Antimicrobial Case for iPad Air®. This is one of the strongest iPad cover options around. It offers corner protecting Blue Shock Technology, DefenseGuard™, and even has a backside strap for single-handed use.

Click-In iPad Cases

Sometimes an iPad case just needs to be a case and nothing more. After all, cases that cover your iPad's screen are what you need most of all.

The Click-In™ Case for iPad® is an easy case solution for users who simply want a solid and affordable case. It's got a shock absorbing tray and a durable screen protector cover. It also offers a lightweight form factor that won't add unnecessary bulk to your iPad.

Find the Best iPad Protective Case

Looking for the best iPad case? Targus has a plethora of iPad cases to suit every form and function. Shop iPad cases to find the best model for your needs.
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