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Best Office Tech for Small Businesses

March 18, 20 - Posted in: Business
Best Office Tech for Small Businesses

Even as a small business, you want to maintain the productivity levels in your office to ensure you always have an edge over the competition. While office morale, daily snacks, and team building activities are important, the office tech you provide your team also makes a huge difference. If you’re noticing a slump in productivity recently, take a second look at the hardware you’ve provided your employees.

Here are our recommendations for the best office tech for small businesses.

Docking Stations

woman in front of computer monitors and DOCK520USZ

With Targus docking stations you can increase connectivity, decrease downtime, and offer multi-platform capabilities to enhance your office tech. You can turn any laptop into a workstation with a dock that seamlessly integrates host devices to PC accessories, monitors, and other computer peripherals. Whether you have a remote team or in-house staff, everyone can benefit from a docking station. Explore 4K Docking Stations, Thunderbolt 3 Docking Stations, Dual Display Docking Stations and more inside the Targus collection.

Wireless Presenters

man in front of giant projector

If your office holds numerous presentations for clients or frequent educational meetings for your in-house team, you need to take your presentations to the next level with wireless pointers. Each wireless presenter from Targus offers a stylish, minimalist take on the classic laser pointer and elevates your presentations with integrated BlueTooth capabilities. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, this workplace essential travels light and can connect to any computer you need. We definitely rate wireless presenters among the best office tech for small businesses.

Privacy Screens

Data security and protection are critical at any office that deals with sensitive information — especially if you have employees who are constantly traveling for work. Make sure client information is protected with privacy screens for desktops, tablets, and laptops of any size. Targus privacy screens offer tons of unique features that make installing and using them quick and easy.

Install this office tech with magnetic attachments to enable blocked viewing from all periphery angles, blue light screen protectors for comfortable working, non-reflective filters, and fingerprint-proof sensitivity for all touch screen devices.

Laptop Cooling Pads

man working with headphones

For offices that run heavy-duty software that heats up your computer components, the best office tech is a laptop cooling pad. The sleek, minimalist designs from Targus offer improved airflow with ergonomically positioned surfaces. We carry a selection that includes simple mats for computers up to 17” as well as pads with multiple fans and ports for integrated multimedia devices. Our cooling pads pack light which makes them easy to take with you on business travel.

Tech for Businesses of the Future

Sometimes a small change is all it takes to enhance your office’s performance and productivity. Explore our office tech recommendations — big and small — to discover the perfect options for your business needs.

Have any questions about our accessories, laptop bags, or tablet tech? Reach out to our support team today for assistance!

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