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Best One Bag Travel Backpacks for Minimalist Adventurers

July 22, 22 - Posted in: Lifestyle
Best One Bag Travel Backpacks for Minimalist Adventurers

Being able to fit and organize all of your traveling essentials into one efficient backpack is every nomad’s dream — and Targus is here to help you achieve it! Fitting all of the essentials into one bag is not an easy feat. Sure, you can stuff everything into a giant 80-liter backpack and hit the road, but your shoulders will be aching and things will be misplaced in no time.

If you’re longing to find the perfect, minimalist travel backpack to comfortably store and transport all of your essentials wherever your travels take you, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up a few of the best one bag travel backpacks for adventurers on the move, so you can fit all of your travel gear in one minimalist design. Get ready to add to cart!

15.6" Conquer Expandable Backpack

15.6" Conquer Expandable Backpack

When you’re one-bagging, you need to find the perfect balance between having enough room for all your travel gear while also keeping it in a compact, versatile form factor — ideally one that can fit under an airplane seat. That's why this 26L expandable backpack is one of your best one bag travel backpack options: large enough to store your stuff (especially when you use the built-in zipper to expand the bag to 27.5L) while still being compact enough for EDC. Its vast array of pockets give you lots of organization potential, with a padded laptop compartment and strategically placed front pockets that ensure your tech stays safe while you’re on the go. With its air mesh back panel and padded shoulder straps, travel from the city streets to a mountain hike in comfort — and you’ll appreciate the reflective strips for high visibility at night!

15”-16” Work+ Expandable 32L Daypack

15”-16” Work+ Expandable 32L Daypack (Black)

This expandable daypack isn’t just for day trips. At 32L with the ability to expand to 33% larger, this backpack is the ultimate minimalist travel gear that can store everything you need without having to check any bags. Its robust assortment of pockets also offers tons of organization potential, with both top- and front-loading options, hidden quick-access lumbar pockets for passports and other valuables, an external footwear compartment for an extra pair of shoes (or dirty laundry), and a stretchable loop for stashing your jacket. Plus, this Work+ backpack features a water-resistant exterior to protect your gear no matter what environment you end up in, and Targus’ Safeport® Sling Protection System ensures your laptop will be safe and secure through bumps and drops.

Balance EcoSmart Checkpoint-Friendly One Bag Travel Backpack

15.6" Balance EcoSmart® Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack

There are a few absolute necessities that are crucial to all of the best one bag traveling backpacks — convenient exterior pockets, a comfortable carrying experience, and a dedicated laptop compartment. This checkpoint-friendly backpack checks all of these boxes and more! Its patented checkpoint-friendly design unzips to lay flat for super easy TSA screening, and its weather-resistant material helps protect all of your gear from the elements.

best antimicrobial one bag travel backpack

15-17.3" 2 Office Antimicrobial Backpack

Ready to organize your minimalist travel gear like never before? This one bag travel backpack’s modular, clamshell design offers the best storage and organization with detachable front pockets. Store your small accessories in the integrated shoulder pockets, and easily protect your tech with the tuck-away rain cover should you get caught in bad weather. Best of all, the antimicrobial-infused protection on this bag’s touchpoints works to reduce microorganism growth and keep its surface cleaner!

Experience Targus Quality and Innovation

Browse our full selection of the best one bag travel backpacks today, and find your perfect travel companion! Our selection of minimalist bags is here to support you and your gear no matter what your travels throw at you — and you can rest assured that each one is high quality and packed with the innovative features that Targus is known for. No matter which backpack you choose, remember to take advantage of our limited lifetime warranty and free shipping on eligible orders. Happy traveling!

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