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The Top 5 College Tech Essentials

August 25, 22 - Posted in: Lifestyle
The Top 5 College Tech Essentials

Planning and packing the necessary college tech essentials is at the top of every student's to-do list. If you have been searching for the best technology essentials for your studies, you have come to the right place. Read on to discover Targus’ top college shopping list picks that you will actually use and love, and will keep you working with maximum efficiency and comfort, on and off campus.

1. A Functional Laptop Bag

When you are heading to class and need to bring your books and tech across campus with you, your first college tech essential should be a durable, light-weight laptop bag. Throw on a laptop backpack that has plenty of space for your laptop and school materials.

Laptop Backpacks for College Students

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Or, if you want something slim you can easily slide on and off your shoulder, grab a laptop briefcase.

Laptop Briefcases for College Students

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2. A Reliable Bluetooth Keyboard

Typing and working on-the-go is crucial to the college student lifestyle, but so are ergonomics. Bluetooth keyboards can help make setting up a mini portable workstation a more comfortable typing experience. Whether you are at a dorm, coffee shop, or a park bench, you never know when you will need to use this college tech essential to jot down a note or work on an assignment. Choose a reliable Bluetooth keyboard with innovative features like a foldable design and antimicrobial surfaces for the best on-the-go typing experience! Targus carries many options that are also compatible with multiple devices. Add a Targus Bluetooth keyboard to your college tech shopping list today!

Bluetooth Keyboards for College Students

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3. A High-Quality, HD Webcam

As many college learning experiences shift to and remain online based, having a high-quality, HD webcam you can rely on is crucial to making online learning a seamless experience. Many laptop webcams lack the visual and audio quality you’ll need to learn efficiently online. When looking for a webcam, you will want an HD webcam with autofocus technology, a great microphone, and easy connection to your computer or tablet. Take your face-to-face online communication to the next level with Targus!

Webcams for College Students

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4. A Laptop Cooling Mat

A laptop cooling mat is an absolute essential that might be missing from your college shopping list. This college tech essential will keep you and your laptop cool while you are working hard, ensuring that you can work comfortably and your laptop stays functioning at its best. As online learning becomes an increasingly important part of college, laptop accessories like cooling mats and monitor risers are more important than ever for generating a comfortable, efficient, and reliable space you can rely on.

Laptop Cooling Mats for College Students

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5. A USB Multi Port Hub

A USB multi port hub is a college tech essential every college student should bring to school with them while juggling multiple devices. This USB-C multi port hub will connect to your HD computer monitor, plus up to three other devices all at once to keep you productive and connected. It is compact and travel-friendly to easily keep with you while you are on-the-go. This college tech essential is capable of transferring photos and videos with SD and micro SD slots, and compatible with both PC and Mac for ultra usability.

USB-C Hubs for College Students

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Choose Targus For Your College Tech Essentials

Heading to campus equipped with these college tech essentials, you will be ready to read, take notes, study, and work comfortably and efficiently wherever you are. When you choose to shop at Targus, you are choosing high-quality, innovative products that are backed by an industry-leading, Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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