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Case Study: Flex Space Solution

October 09, 18 - Posted in: Business
Case Study: Flex Space Solution


Through a strategic collaboration with an OEM provider and our insurance client’s leaders, the company solved substantial flex-work challenges. The Targus team was called in to support a flex space project with multiple corporate stakeholders including IT, the real estate team, and HR. With extensive sales, service, and technical support, the client experienced a smooth roll-out.  

By making the switch to Targus, the company has reduced technical support requirements, streamlined device management, and solved critical product issues. At the same time, they reduced overall project costs, and met their initial roll-out and cost saving objectives for their corporate flex space project deployment.

The Customer: Insurance Services Firm 

Our client is a leading provider of insurance products and services with more than 25,000 employees. The company serves individuals, families, businesses, and enterprises. As a leader in the insurance space, their team is consistently looking for ways to improve service for clientele as well as increase employee satisfaction.

The Project: Flex Space Implementation 

The real estate team had begun implementing a flex space project to reduce real estate costs and overhead. This endeavor also supported the company’s mission to offer a more inclusive workplace, increase employee satisfaction, and improve talent retention. 

In launching the initial pilot project, the team deployed a competitive docking solution. Once the pilot was deployed, the IT team was less than pleased with the choice. The manufacturer provided little support or expertise during the rollout due to their sales model and IT was frustrated by the time spent managing devices due to problems with users remaining connected to WiFi while connected to the GbE port on the dock. 

With leadership dissatisfied with the project’s problematic start and investment costs, the team reached out to their providers at HP to look for alternative options and ultimately engaged Targus in the deal. 

The Solution: Targus Universal Docking 

The Targus team worked closely with HP, as well as the company’s IT and leadership team members, to understand the issues and their goals for a Targus pilot. Once the outcomes and challenges were clearly identified, Targus’ Area Manager offered the best product options and roll-out plans for their current needs. 

The client landed on the Dock177 and the Hydra Cable (ACC1009USX) solution for the pilot with Targus. Our Dock177 made life easier for IT with universal features, power availability, and WiFi Switch functionality. To ensure all gaps were covered, the project began with a pilot aimed at testing roll-out requirements, ease of use, and technical set up. 

To address concerns about support and expertise, we scheduled monthly leadership calls, collaborated on timelines and roll-out dates, and supported the pilot with our expert technical advisors. This support during and after the pilot helped the client to address roadblocks and concerns early in the process, reducing time invested in IT support and helpdesk needs. 

We worked with the client by scheduling strategic meetings aimed at forecasting, planning, and updates to proactively manage deployment. Our proactive approach and attention to business outcomes made the client feel safer in their decision to partner with Targus. 

The Outcome: Proactive Service and Support with Reduced Overall Costs 

Our client was incredibly satisfied with the pilot and roll-out. The company has done much more than reduce their overhead costs and increase employee satisfaction. 

Costs of the docks alone were reduced by nearly 15% versus the existing dock solution. IT support requirements were dramatically reduced as Targus’ WiFi Switch reduced support requests and put an end to connectivity issues. 

Overall, the company reduced overhead and support-related costs while still saving money on their docking solution. 

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