Case Study: Universal Docking Solution
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Case Study: Universal Docking Solution

October 10, 18 - Posted in: Business
Case Study: Universal Docking Solution


Through a strategic collaboration with a leading financial services firm, the company discovered large cost-reduction targets.  

The Targus team supported the company’s refresh process with universal docking solutions that provided superior functionality, longevity, and cost savings. With extensive sales, service, and technical support; the client experienced a smooth roll-out.  

By making the switch from OEM-specific docks to universal docking solutions, the company is projected to save more than $3M during the next three years.

The Customer: Financial Services Firm 

The client is a leading provider of insurance and financial services with over 28,000 employees. The company is dedicated to serving over 11 million clients with services including banking, insurance, investments, and retirement services. 

The Project: Reducing Technology Spend with Independent Universal Solutions 

At the time, the client was utilizing HP® devices and the OEM mechanical dock that was specific to each device. Like other Fortune 500 companies, our client looked to a universal docking solution to maximize its investment and eliminate the financial impact of purchasing a new dock each time it refreshes its laptop fleet or changes OEM providers.  

The initial investment in Targus docking stations was a concern, as the OEM laptop-and-dock bundle has a lower upfront cost. Yet the longevity of a universal solution that’ll survive multiple laptop refreshes and work with a mix of devices won over the company.  

Our client saw immense value in the ability to deliver power to laptops, because there were no other powered solutions on the market. It was also huge plus that the client could push driver updates to its end users from one central place, as well as use an enterprise content management software that it already had in place. 

The Solution: Targus Universal Docking 

Over the course of the docking station rollout, regional account managers and directors were in touch with client IT team members on a bi-weekly basis at a minimum. That’s key because adoption of the docks was a big obstacle in the office space. Used to snap-in mechanical docks, it was a big shift for employees to plug in two cables with their new Targus docks.  

Prior to deployment, our Application Engineer tested the docks to be deployed from Targus headquarters in Anaheim to ensure a smooth technical transition. Once docks had been fully deployed, he visited the client’s headquarters to ensure all docks worked as advertised. 

The Outcome: Substantial Cost Savings with Universal Docking Strategy 

The client began deploying Tagus universal docking stations in 2014, and they’ve purchased 14,871 units. 


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