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College School Supplies: The Tech Shopping List

July 20, 20 - Posted in: Lifestyle
College School Supplies: The Tech Shopping List

Finding the right supplies for college can be a challenge, especially when changing academic demands call for an adaptable list of high-performing, quality products. Finding the right suite of accessories can mean the difference between a semester primed for success or a class schedule playing catch-up, and Targus’s line of phone and tablet cases, docking stations, and laptop bags are perfectly suited for the modern student’s needs. the perfect tech for college students is the best way to set yourself – or your student – up for a great year.

Life On Campus

The adventure of a lifetime requires solid and dependable gear, and while your online college school supply list might cover the basics, an upgrade for carrying your devices is a perfect way to keep your gear accessible and safe. Targus has an option for everyone.

  Female Student with Headphones Seated Outdoors


Optimize Your Personal Workstation

Many supplies for college are mobile-focused, but a dedicated and efficient workstation is a must-have for any student. A top piece of tech for college students, a docking station allows you to employ single, dual or sometimes quad monitors to simultaneously zoom and type, conduct research and work on essays at the same time, or play a documentary as a backdrop to your academic exploration.

Targus USB-C DP Alt Mode Single Video 4K HDMI/VGA Docking Station

Targus USB-C DP Alt Mode Single Video 4K HDMI/VGA Docking Station

Update Your Phone and Tablet Accessories

A life of mobile devices and ever-changing schedules means adding the right cables and mobile chargers to your online college school supply list. Here’s a roundup of some of the best options you won’t want to forget:

iPad charging

Find the Back-to-School Tech You Need at Targus

Explore our full selection of tech for college students to find the gear, accessories, and tech you need for campus life. All of our bags are protected by a limited lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. Shop the latest and most essential supplies for college at Targus.

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