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DisplayLink Releases v.9.1M0 for Windows

March 21, 19 - Posted in: Tech Talk
DisplayLink Releases v.9.1M0 for Windows

DisplayLink announced v.9.1M0 is now available. 

Targus plans to validate this release with Targus Universal Docking Stations and Targus Universal Docking Station Utilities by April. 

This release has not yet been submitted for distribution on Windows Update for Targus Universal Docking Stations and Targus is not yet providing .MSI/.INF files for it.

New Features

1. Windows 10 postponed installation: when pushing the MSI to users, the driver (inclusive of Ethernet) will be updated immediately when no DisplayLink product is detected, or at the next machine reboot if a device is detected.

2. Display layout provisioning for hot-desking/hoteling offices to allow IT-defined first-connect display relative positions. Note, this feature may conflict with Targus Audio/Video configuration utility. Upon validation of v.9.1M0 Targus will outline the implications.

Full release notes are available here.  

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