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Broken iPad and Tablet Screens are a Pain

March 28, 19 - Posted in: Lifestyle
Broken iPad and Tablet Screens are a Pain

Nothing feels as deflating as unboxing your new iPad® or tablet and then shattering the screen only minutes later. We’ve all been there, that ugly, obtrusive blemish will disfigure your screen and make your high-powered tech suddenly worthless.

Don’t let a broken iPad or tablet screen get you down. Follow some of these simple tips and keep your device looking as fresh as the day you got it.

Keep it Clean

Debris, moisture and other undesirable elements accumulated by human hands will naturally accrue on your screen over time. This will make the screen more cumbersome to use and, potential create a slippery surface leading you to drop your iPad. Remember to touch up your screen every so often — we recommend that you use a microfiber cloth.

Carry Your Device Carefully

Many iPad and tablet screens are broken as a result of carelessness. If you throw your screen in a bag with other random objects, you’re at higher risk for cracking your screen. Whatever your iPad shares space with will exert pressure and friction on the screen, and this can lead to unsightly nicks and tears. Keep your iPad in a dedicated backpack pocket, and you’ll be doing a lot towards keeping your screen in top condition. 

Screen Your Calls

A screen protector is the most obvious choice for preventing a broken iPad or tablet screen. Targus provides a variety of screen protectors for iPads and tablets. We have protectors made from high-quality tempered glass as well as scratch resistant options. No matter what make or model you have, chances are Targus has an affordable and effective option for keeping your screen safe.

Targus has you Covered

A broken iPad or tablet screen is certainly bad news, but you never have to let it happen to you again. If you need to stock up on more protection for your tech, check out our sale offers and stock up on premium gear for incredibly low prices. Shipping is free for orders over $35, and teachers and service people can receive further discounts. There’s never been a better time to find a bargain on great tech accessories, so whether you’re protecting your device’s screen from breaking or need a new backpack to carry your gear, shop Targus today and see what you’ve been missing!

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