Docking Stations: The Secret to Enhancing Your Home Office Setup
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Docking Stations: The Secret to Enhancing Your Home Office Setup

March 08, 22 - Posted in: Lifestyle
Docking Stations: The Secret to Enhancing Your Home Office Setup

Use Your Laptop as a Desktop

As remote work becomes the norm, everyone is looking for devices and accessories that increase convenience and optimize their workspaces. So if you’re exploring different equipment and tools for your home office, Targus has some tips to help you find the technology to make you even more efficient.

The docking station is the real secret to enhancing your home office setup. It has tons of unique benefits that make working from home that much easier. But what is a docking station, and how can it help you? Let’s dive into it.

Why A Docking Station

When you add a universal docking station to your home office setup, it enables you to use your laptop as a desktop. USB devices, power cables, and cables for extra monitors connect with your docking station, so you get the functionality of a desktop without having to buy a new machine!

What Does a Docking Station Actually Do?

DOCK222 ports

Depending on the type of docking station you choose for your home office setup, you can ensure that you get the best of both worlds. Most stations provide the portability you need to easily connect your laptop into any workspace and provide comprehensive connectivity to LAN, printers, monitors, the internet, and much more. A USB docking station ensures you have the power of a full desktop at your fingertips, even if you’re only working with a laptop.

Enhanced Compatibility

The tech industry is already moving towards making all devices USB-C port compatible (with the exception of Apple). A single docking station with USB-C connections could be the key to ensuring you have cables for all devices you’ll bring into your home office setup.

More Benefits of Docking Stations

In addition to ensuring you can use your laptop as a desktop, docking stations have many more features and benefits. With docking stations that offer power over ports, they minimize the need for extra cables for powering devices. Conveniently located monitor cable connections at the rear of the docking station make for better cable management and more workspace availability. Some of the other benefits you might enjoy include:

  • Being able to add external monitors
  • Adding more peripheral and input/output ports
  • Enabling you to use the same computer for home or office
  • Enhancing your audio and video
  • Powering and charging your laptop
  • Portability when moving between home and office
  • Easily and quickly reconnecting equipment in any location
  • Minimizing stray cables and clearing desk space
  • Providing connectivity to LAN, printers, internet, and just about anything to your laptop
  • Compact size stations fit neatly into your home office setup

Benefits of Docking Stations From Targus

Targus has its own line of powerful docking stations and accessories that provide even more benefits than any other station. We offer more reliability, compatibility, and extra features to ensure your home office setup delivers the best possible performance. Key features of the Targus docking stations include:

  • An industry-leading, three-year warranty
  • A strong relationship with major tech vendors for more rigorous testing and functionality
  • A global customer support team that provides guidance during and after implementation

We also offer exclusive software to enhance device security and improve the user experience. Anyone using Windows®-based platforms can enjoy MAC address cloning, wifi auto-switching, and user setting storage.

How to Buy the Right Docking Station

DOCK570 by Targus

If you’re interested in using your laptop as a desktop with a docking station, there are some additional details to consider before you buy:

Size & Ports: Each docking station has a unique number of ports and USB connections that may or may not be compatible with your setup. Review port options and features to ensure you can connect the monitors and devices you already have.
Charging Capabilities: Not every docking station offers laptop charging. However, if you do find a docking station with power, you can charge your laptop as you work at your desk after using your laptop outside or in other areas of your home.

Are you ready to enhance your home office setup with a docking station? Start your search here at to find the most cutting-edge, industry-leading devices available.

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