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How To Use The Targus DOCK182 Docking Station With Laptops That Require Legacy Power Connections

March 10, 22 - Posted in: Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
How To Use The Targus DOCK182 Docking Station With Laptops That Require Legacy Power Connections

While the need for “legacy power” is making room for Power Delivery over USB-C there are still use cases where a USB-STD-A port is the only port available to dock but host power is needed beyond anything available from a traditional USB-STD-A connection like USB3.0.

One of the best features of Targus’ Truly Universal Docking Stations is that they not only support docking to a USB port, albeit USB-C with Power Delivery or USB-STD-A, but they also provide power over Type-C and can be configured to supply “legacy power” aka barrel or tip power to just about any PC, and a good bit of Chromebooks, etc.

For those use cases where a USB-C port (including Thunderbolt and Alt. Mode) with Power Delivery need a dock that can provide a universal host connection for I/O expansion and Power Delivery up to 100WDC, Targus recommends the DOCK182. The DOCK182 does not come with the cable and power tips for legacy power but these can be added utilizing the Targus ACC1134.

Alternatively, it is possible to procure the DOCK192. The DOCK192 is the same DOCK182 but with the ACC1134 included in the box. Thus, DOCK182 + ACC1134 = DOCK192. Please see here.

The ACC1134 can also be used with the DOCK190 for those who may have misplaced their original tips.

The ACC1134 comes with the Targus ACC1129 Tip Storage Bar and a set of the most popular Targus 3-Pin tips providing up to 90WDC legacy power for Lenovo, Dell, HP, Toshiba/Dynabook and Asus PC. The 3-Pin Power Tips supporting other PC are available.

Please contact your Targus representative or DocKtor for further support or information.

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