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Effective Gadgets for Giving Presentations

March 11, 22 - Posted in: Lifestyle
Effective Gadgets for Giving Presentations

Presenting an idea you truly believe in can be nerve-wracking when the stakes are high, and that’s made even worse when you start having technical issues. That’s why Targus makes presentation tools for students, professionals, and other public speakers that they can rely on. Here’s our list of must-have gadgets for presentations to support your next event.

Wireless Mouse

wireless mouse for presentation

A reliable wireless mouse is an invaluable tool for presentations. Depending on the layout of the conference room and how familiar you are with it, it might not always be feasible to have your laptop or wired mouse at arm’s length. Walking over and fiddling around with a mouse to prompt the next slide ruins your rhythm.

Wireless mice solve this problem with handy dongles that let you keep it close by for when you need it. These gadgets for presentations can be kept on your podium (or, if you’re just clicking, in your hand) for easy use that doesn’t interrupt your flow. If you’re one of many presenters, a mouse with DefenseGuard® antimicrobial protection helps limit the germs passed between you and others!

Tablet Case

presenting with a tablet case

Depending on where you’re working (such as a startup environment), laptops might even be passé. Students, too, find tablets to be a convenient tool for presentations. High-end tablets even pack as much power as your average laptop, and they’re pretty easy to use in high stakes presentation environments, not to mention how sleek they look in motion.

For people relying on tablets as their presentation gadgets, a reliable tablet case is indispensable. The rugged tablet case collection, for example, consists of tablet cases that can take a beating and your handy stylus, all at once.

Wireless Presenter

wireless presenter

Wireless presenters are a workplace essential for any busy conference room. Maintaining your audience’s attention can be a challenge in a busy room with phone’s buzzing and chatter in the back. These handy gadgets help keep your listeners’ attention on your body language and speech rather than the awkward pauses you’d normally get when reaching over to click a mouse.

If you’re looking for one of these gadgets for a presentation, you’ll want to get a Targus wireless presenter, they’ve got useful features like:

  • 128-bit AES encryption to ward off digital threats and tampering.
  • Seamless connectivity options for both Bluetooth 4.2 and 2.4GHz wireless.
  • A built-in laser pointer, so you can bring your audience’s attention to what counts.
  • A range of useful buttons for any task you might need while presenting.

Laptop Backpack

Laptop Bag for presentation

With files from work, adapters, and chargers for your presentation gadgets, finding a sturdy backpack that can accommodate everything you need while still looking fashionable can be a challenge.

Targus makes laptop backpacks that rise to the challenge and turn heads at the same time. Customers can look forward to options with:

  • High density, water repellent material.
  • Comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps for long-term wear.
  • Ample interior space for your laptop and accessories.
  • A modern design that looks right at home both at the office and at a restaurant.
  • Large compartments perfect for presentation tools for students.

Docking Stations

Docks for Presentations

Docking stations are an accessory that brings unparalleled connectivity to your presentation gadgets, interfacing between them with ease. Shifting rooms, rearranging wiring, and moving devices around for a presentation can be a massive hassle and also opens the door for potential technical difficulties while you’re presenting.

A docking station solves this problem by allowing you to connect all your devices to one hub that enables seamless connectivity and transitioning from one device to the next. Key features of docking stations include:

  • Support for multiple displays lets you set up intricate and detailed presentations and switch between multiple screens flawlessly. The best part? They support four monitors, all HD.
  • Wide port selection, including older ones like VGA as well as HDMI and USB-C, with support for speakers and other gadgets you might need for your presentation.
  • Extensive support and driver resources.
  • Supports both workplace and residential needs. Students looking for a hub to charge their presentation tools can use a docking station to save time.

Efficiency with Targus

Nailing a presentation becomes much easier when you’re equipped with the right tools. Explore Targus’ selection of versatile products and find what you need to elevate your next pitch or project with service that just can’t be beaten.

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