Essentials for Setting up a Home Office
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Essentials for Setting up a Home Office

June 18, 20
Essentials for Setting up a Home Office

The US workforce is undergoing a dramatic shift in the way people work. The percentage of Americans working from home has increased drastically over the last ten years. While millions of people still work in offices and will continue to for the foreseeable future, there is a revolution occurring as more and more Americans find themselves working from home.

Many experts on optimal WFH practices stress the importance of investing in quality technology. To meet this expanded demand, Targus carries a complete line of home office essentials for the growing number of professionals who work from home. Our remote working equipment includes laptop docks, cables, adapters, keyboards, and mice. Whether you work from home by design or you find yourself working at home due to temporary disruptions in your city or community, you will want to be prepared with all the necessary equipment to keep your workday running smoothly.


Innovative Docking Stations
Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station

Docking stations from Targus are among the top home office essentials. They help you keep your devices and accessories connected without creating a mess of wires. Add a second (or third) monitor to maximize your workflow, or quickly attach your work laptop to give yourself a desktop feel at home. Choose from options that are designed for dual monitors, provide 4K quality graphics, offer power delivery and more.

Indispensable USB Hubs & Adapters

The ability to quickly expand the number and types of ports make USB hubs and adapters essential work-from-home technology. Targus has adapters compatible with nearly all of your home office accessories, from USB-C video adapters to USB-A 7-port powered hubs to USB hubs with card readers and power delivery pass-thru.

Versatile Keyboards & Mice

keyboard and mouse combo

If you regularly take your laptop between the office at work and your office at home, you probably know how much slower a touchpad can feel compared to a mouse. If you’re using multiple screens, having the laptop in a comfortable position for typing can result in the laptop screen blocking one of your monitors.

The easy solution to both of these problems is a keyboard and mouse from Targus. Choose from wired, wireless, and Bluetooth® options that are responsive, easy to use, and compatible with a wide variety of devices. These home office essentials will give you the freedom to set up your home office in a way that is the most comfortable for you.

Find What You Need at Targus

Wherever you find yourself working, Targus is here to help you stay your most productive with everything from home-office bags to USB-C adapters. Explore our website to find the latest in home office technology and join our email list for 15% off of your first purchase.
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